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Canadian record broken

Oct 8, 2009

Read how Charles Sim and Nigel Touhey did something right when they culled a 5-pound fish Sept. 26 on Lake St. Francis near Lancaster, Ontario, Canada.

Sneak Up

Oct 8, 2009

For most, they are the "great mystery fish" in bass fishing. They spend the summer in the open lake, suspended at mid-depths and trailing schools of shad like hungry wolves following lambs


Oct 7, 2009

The dynamic under the water is changing as fast as the leaves above. Baitfish are now at the top of the bass' menu, so you'd be wise to throw a bait to match.

What Finesse fishing is all about

Oct 6, 2009

In all of bass fishing, I don't think there's a more misunderstood technique than the one we describe as "finesse fishing. "

Alton Jones - Super Shallow

Oct 6, 2009

Alton Jones talks about why you should fish in the shallows.

Kevin VanDam - Deep Cankin'

Oct 6, 2009

Kevin VanDam talks about why you should try deep crankin'.

Crews: The One that Got Away

Oct 6, 2009

John Crews has gotten over all of them except one, and this one was in a tournament on Lake Murray with another national circuit back in 2004.

Why join a fishing club?

Oct 5, 2009

Find out how to join a fishing club.

Does X 2

Oct 4, 2009

The last week or so has been really busy. I've been making appearances for Bass Pro Shops in various places around the country. While all that was going on I was at the Tracker and Nitro convention getting ready for next year's activities.

Weekend Warrior - Ep. 6

Oct 2, 2009

Stacy Twiggs talks about the future of the B.A.S.S. Casting Kids program.