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What Happened: Niggemeyer on Toledo Bend

Mar 10, 2009

James Niggemeyer at the Central Open of 2009 on Toledo Bend.

What Happened: Guess on Harris

Mar 10, 2009

Little keepers were the best I could do except for late on Friday afternoon when I boated a 4- and a

Lunker Lessons: Toledo Bend

Mar 10, 2009

His reward was the biggest bass of the 2009 Central Open on Toledo Bend.

Catch More Bedding Bass, part 1

Mar 10, 2009

<photo1>Ish Monroe, offers 5 tips that'll make bedding bass bite.

Catch More Bedding Bass, part 2

Mar 10, 2009

Two of the best bedding bass anglers fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series Shaw Grigsby and Ish Monro

Classic Views

Mar 10, 2009

I want to take this opportunity to share with you some of my observations from the 2009 Bassmaster C

Babying Big Bass

Mar 9, 2009

The Texas ShareLunker program is how those fish are handled and cared for prior to being picked up b

Veterans taste victory

Mar 8, 2009

Perennial contenders from EKU dominate East Super Regional

2009 Central Open #1: Fish-Off

Mar 8, 2009

In this photo gallery, you'll find images of the fish-off required to break a tie on the final day o

Niggemeyer wins third BASS victory

Mar 8, 2009

James Niggemeyer wins third BASS victory in fish-off in 2009 Central Open #1