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Top 10 Lunker Hangouts

Mar 31, 2008

To catch that biggest bass of your lifetime, you need to know where the mammoths hang out. The solution is to learn to recognize their lairs and invade them with the proper lures. Let ol' Unc share with you 10 proven hangouts for lunkers, and the tactics that do the catching.<br>

The Best of Budget Bass Reels

Mar 31, 2008

Can you handle the truth about fishing reels?

Fine-Tuning Your Spinnerbaits (And Spinnerbait Thinking)

Mar 31, 2008

Everyone loves the spinnerbait.

A Day on the Lake Bernie Schultz Spring Spawn

Mar 31, 2008

Ever wonder how a BASS pro would fare on your home lake that little body of water down the road where you and your buddies fish for bass? That's the premise behind Bassmaster's reality series, "A Day on the Lake." Here, we put the leading competitors on the pro BASS tour on small "mystery" lakes, then give them seven hours to figure out a viable pattern while we log everything they do to locate and catch bass.

3 Tactics for Trappin' Lunker Bass

Mar 31, 2008

When you're unsure where bass are located in a big lake and searching for a bite, what's the best lure to use?

Triple-digit guarantee

Mar 31, 2008

Because the upcoming Elite Series stop on Falcon Lake will be a first for the BASS organization, one would think there would be plenty Elite anglers wondering what to expect from the 78,000-plus acre fishery that straddles the Texas/Mexico border.

Falcon Lake Pundit Picks

Mar 31, 2008

As goes the intro to that song you hear at darn near every sporting event &mdash; "Y'all ready for this?"

Get more from your spinnerbaits

Mar 27, 2008

This article talks about tips for spinnerbait.

Bassmaster Elite Series: Falcon Lake

Mar 27, 2008

The Lone Star Shootout presented by Longhorn marks the first time BASS has visited Falcon Lake in Zapata, Texas. The mainstream reservoir on the Rio Grande River has a surface area of 83,654 acres, and anglers consider it a fishery capable of record-breaking weights.

A Tie to the White House

Mar 26, 2008

How do you pick out a tie to wear when preparing to meet the President of the United States? As Bassmaster Classic champion Alton Jones stood next to the leader of the free world, with a horde of members of the national press corps clicking pictures at the speed of light, it hit me that this is no small decision.