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Nontraditional frog presentations

Apr 8, 2010

Elite Series pro Ish Monroe says there's no wrong place to fish a frog unless you're fishing mid-lake open water.

It all makes scents to me now

Apr 8, 2010

There's plenty of evidence that indicates the sense of smell plays a major role in the life of a bass. It should be obvious that you can improve your catches by using a lure impregnated with scents.

2009 Elite Series Blue Ridge Brawl - Kevin VanDam

Apr 7, 2010

Photos of Kevin VanDam from the 2009 Elite Series Blue Ridge Brawl on Virginia's Smith Mountain Lake.

Central Opens: Lake Amistad

Apr 7, 2010

202 pros entered in this week's Bassmaster Central Division Open on the massive 67,000-acre Rio Grande River impoundment.

Davis' one-two spring punch

Apr 7, 2010

Elite Series pro Mark Davis brings a one-two combination that gives him what he needs to win each round often with a knockout.

More good memories

Apr 7, 2010

I fished the Good Friday tournament and did we ever have a ball. It was great. To be honest I'd forgotten how much fun it is to fish competitively just for the heck of it.

2009 Elite Series Battle on the Border - WI

Apr 6, 2010

This gallery features images from the weigh-in at the 2009 Battle for the Border.

20 Questions with Niggemeyer

Apr 6, 2010

Elite Series pro James Niggemeyer answered our 20 Questions about BASS fishing and his career

Art of the Swimbait with Velvick

Apr 6, 2010

Master Series on the Art of the Swimbait with Byron Velvick (Lesson 8)

Menendez: Go vertical

Apr 5, 2010

Mark Menendez gives advice on fishing his favorite reservoirs and water temperature on those same bodies of water.