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Opens: Swindle builds lead

Jan 22, 2011

Gerald Swindle hopes to close out the 2011 Bass Pro Shops Southern Open.

Southern Open notes: Bass move up

Jan 21, 2011

2011 Bass Pro Shops Southern Open, Day One notes.

2011 Southern Open #1 - Day Two - Weigh-In

Jan 21, 2011

This photo gallery features images from day two weigh-ins at the 2011 Southern Open #1, Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, FL.

Duckett: Confidence In Lures

Jan 21, 2011

Like a toddler clutching a tattered piece of fabric, bass anglers have their own versions of security blankets. They're called "confidence baits." These go-to baits migrate toward the front of the tacklebox and find their way into the daily fishing arsenal time after time.

Knowing When to Quit Early

Jan 21, 2011

One of the oldest clichés in the tournament fisherman's book is "start early and stay late." When it comes to practicing for Elite Series events, it's one that veteran Alabama pro Tim Horton usually adheres to.

Kriet: Increasing Topwater Hookups

Jan 21, 2011

For the average bass angler, there's nothing more frustrating than getting an explosive topwater strike only to haul water and wonder how in the world the bass didn't hook up. In the world of professional bass fishing, the difference between a near miss and a successful hookup on topwater can mean the difference in thousands of dollars. Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jeff Kriet has a few tricks to up the odds when it comes to hooking bass on top.

Robinson: Catching bass

Jan 21, 2011

There are certain times when Elite Series pro Marty Robinson likes to fish fast. While the prop on his trolling motor may be barely spinning, the South Carolina pro is burning and turning on the front deck, making long casts and reeling as fast as possible. When watching this technique in action, it appears to be pure madness. But Robinson explains that there's a reason for the speedy retrieve.

Beaten From The Back Of The Boat

Jan 21, 2011

It can be a true test of character when a day of fishing turns into a day of watching as the angler you are sharing a boat with sets the hook time and again while you remain fishless. At some point, all bass anglers experience this frustration. How you deal with it can be the difference between a depressing day on the water and a successful trip for both anglers.

Control the Variables

Jan 21, 2011

Whether you're a once-a-week bass angler or a full-time touring pro, there never seems to be enough time on the water to get everything done. The end of the day comes and you wish you had time for just a few more casts. But wishing doesn't make the clock move slower.

Creature comforts

Jan 21, 2011

Dennis Tietje often prefers to fish a Texas rigged creature bait in gnarly waters.