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Matt Reed - Football Jigs

Jan 27, 2010

Mike Reed talks about when he likes to use a football jig.

Mike McClelland - Football Jigs

Jan 27, 2010

Mike McClelland gives you tips on fishing a football jig.

Back to basics

Jan 27, 2010

Too often we (professionals) convey the idea that you have to have a lot of fancy — and expensive —

The Mysterious Mudbug

Jan 26, 2010

Ken Cook, a former fisheries biologist and a Bassmaster Classic champion tells us about crawfish and

Hackney: Bow hunts to purge system

Jan 26, 2010

Elite Series pro Greg Hackney goes hunting after a long fishing season.

Ask the Biologist - River Chains

Jan 26, 2010

In this edition of 'Ask the B.A.S.S. Biologist,' Chris Horton answers viewer questions about conserv

The One that Got Away

Jan 26, 2010

Dave Wolak's giant bass that got away at Lake Amistad.

How to deal with temperature changes

Jan 26, 2010

One of the first lessons I ever learned about bass fishing is that bass can and will change temperam

Finessing your French fry

Jan 26, 2010

One lure, the plastic French fry, often gets overlooked when we talk about finesse fishing, but beli

An unlikely champ

Jan 25, 2010

Elwood Lumpkins was given less than a 50 percent chance to survive an operation that was the result