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Bassmaster Exclusive Double Trouble: The Bass Grabber

Jun 21, 2007

In this article, read how Charlie Ingram developed a new lure, a bass jig with a monumental difference: it sports two big, bad hooks instead of the usual one.

Finding Bass Migration Routes

Jun 21, 2007

Read as Elite Series pro Pete Ponds talks about finding and identifying bass migration routes and explains how a lot of different factors influence bass movements.

Grand Lake fishing different, for most

Jun 21, 2007

In this article, you can read how an ever-changing Grand Lake makes for a new fishing environment with different challenges for anglers in the the 2007 Elite Series Sooner Run.

Bluffing summer bass

Jun 21, 2007

When the heat becomes unbearable, dogs slumber in the shade and sluggish bass cool off by hanging around deep water structure.

In Constant Change

Jun 20, 2007

Severe storms have peppered the lower half of the United States the past few days, but few can compare to the rain event of the Midwest last week. As much as fourteen inches of rain pounded areas of southeast Kansas and southwest Missouri and to many Elite Series pro's, it must have seemed like all of it flowed into Grand Lake in northeastern Oklahoma, site of The Sooner Run presented by Longhorn Tobacco.

High water moves fish shallow

Jun 20, 2007

Elite series anglers forced to make adjustments at Sooner Run

Living with Ike

Jun 20, 2007

In this article, you can learn from Mattes Mattes what life is like living with Michael Iaconelli.

High Water Moves Fish Shallow for Bassmaster Elite Series Anglers at Sooner Run Presented by Longhorn

Jun 20, 2007

In this article you will read about the 2007 elite series Sooner Run.

The BASS Century Club

Jun 20, 2007

When BASS launched the Bassmaster Elite Series in 2006, it made a commitment to bringing the best anglers in the world to the best fishing destinations in the country at some of the very best times to be there. That plan has paid off big as in 100-pound catches big!

Smallmouth in the Shallows

Jun 19, 2007

In this article, you can read the Why, Where and Staying on Top factors of shallow water smallmouth, as well as their reliability during competition.