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Toyota Hooked Up from Sabine River

Feb 10, 2011

Before the weigh-in, get Hooked Up with Mark Zona and Tommy Sanders.

Toyota Hooked Up from Sacramento River

Feb 10, 2011

30 minutes before the weigh-in, get ready for the big show with Tommy Sanders and Mark Zona. 

Just ask them ...

Feb 10, 2011

Here's the deal ... Denny's Grand Slam in the morning ... four cups coffee ... black. A meal that would pretty much last all day, if lunch was needed, two Butterfingers drowned by Vernor's.

Fishing Partners

Feb 10, 2011

'Fishing Partners' is a comedic promo for the 2011 Bassmaster Classic.

Office Copier

Feb 10, 2011

'Office Copier' is a comedic promo for the 2011 Bassmaster Classic.

KVD Bake Sale

Feb 10, 2011

'KVD Bake Sale' is a comedic promo for the 2011 Bassmaster Classic.

A life-changing event

Feb 10, 2011

In this blog Jerry discusses past winners and runners up of the Bassmaster Classic. He points out how winning the event is the most important thing that can happen to an angler.

Brass N' Blades launches new product line with Bill Lowen

Feb 10, 2011

David Nichols, founder and president of Brass N' Blades is pleased to have Bill Lowen on staff. Says Nichols, "Bill's style of fishing really matches well with our line of products."

Flawless execution

Feb 10, 2011

There's a lot more to competing successfully as a professional bass fisherman than you think.Every Elite angler can catch a bass, but the little things can be what separates the best.

Randy Montana, Casey Ashley to perform at 2011 Bassmaster Classic

Feb 9, 2011

CELEBRATION, Fla. Mercury/Nashville recording artist Randy Montana and Casey Ashley have signed on to perform live, free concerts from the Costa stage for thousands of fishing fans filling the New Orleans Arena during the 2011 Bassmaster Classic. The Bassmaster Classic is set for Feb. 18-20 on the Louisiana Delta out of New Orleans, La.