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Atchafalaya Basin: How They Did It

Nov 10, 2009

The last Central Open of the year was a study in spinnerbaits and plastics, time management, fish management and nerves. For the second time this year in the same division, two anglers this time it was Edwin Evers and Mark Smith tied for first place, making a fourth day on the water necessary.

Master Series on the Art of the Swimbait with Byron Velvick (Lesson 4)

Nov 10, 2009

Winter bass and swimbaits are not often talked about in the same conversation. That's too bad because there's a lot of unexplored territory out there. There are winter patterns and effective coldwater swimbaits that have yet to be discovered, patterns and swimbaits that just might make big changes in your winter fishing.

Ashmore Talks Fall Bassin

Nov 9, 2009

In this article Scott Ashmore gives you an inside look at different types of lures to use for bass fishing and a small history of his fishing experience.

BASSography: Dr. James A. Henshall

Nov 9, 2009

"I consider him, inch for inch and pound for pound, the gamest fish that swims."

BASSography: Fred Arbogast

Nov 9, 2009

The Hula Popper, Jitterbug and Hawaiian Wiggler are just a few of the classic bass lures that Fred Arbogast designed, built and sold. Though decades old, they still catch bass today and stand as a testament to one of our sport's greatest innovators.

Forget turkey, think shad

Nov 9, 2009

Fall is in full swing in most parts of our country and, for me at least, that means I'm seriously conflicted. I love to hunt and this is the time of the year to do that. I can visualize my tree stand as I write this. At the same time, I love to fish and this is also the time of the year to do that.

2009: Evers duels best

Nov 8, 2009

In this article you will read about the 2009 central open in Louisiana. The winner Edwin Evers.

2009 Central Open: Atchafalaya Basin Fishoff Weigh-In

Nov 8, 2009

In this photo gallery you will see images of the 2009 Atchafalaya basin fishoff weigh in.

2009 Central Open: Atchafalaya Basin Fishoff Launch

Nov 8, 2009

In this photo gallery you will seee images of the Atchafalaya Fishoff Launch

2009 Weekend Series Championship: Day Four

Nov 7, 2009

In this photo gallery you will see images of the 2009 weekend series championship on Lake Dardenelle in Arkansas day four.