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How Alton Jones won the 2008 Hartwell Classic

Jan 14, 2015

Elite rookies: Stephen Longobardi

Jan 14, 2015

Connecticut angler Stephen Longobardi describes himself as a “risk-taker from a family of risk-takers.”

Flashback: 1971 Bassmaster Classic

Jan 14, 2015

As we get ready for the 45th Bassmaster Classic, let's take a look back to the very first one, in 1971.

New York member featured on USOC TV

Jan 14, 2015

Brian Eisch of the New York B.A.S.S. Nation was featured on the U.S. Outdoorsman Central Adventures TV show.

The Ike Foundation is born

Jan 13, 2015

The basic idea is to get more kids fishing, kids who aren’t normally introduced to it.

Ike on ice

Jan 13, 2015

Iaconelli joined the folks from Rapala and VMC earlier this month and braved temperatures as cold as minus-15 degrees for two days of ice fishing in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Livewell: Skeet Reese is on the line

Jan 13, 2015

Skeet Reese discusses his expectations for 2015 and the Elite Series' Western swing.

Jocumsen explains pro fishing to Fox Sports Australia

Jan 13, 2015

In this interview, Carl Jocumsen discusses the basics of being a professional angler.

Bothering bass on the beds

Jan 13, 2015

Put something into her bed that looks and acts like a threat to her eggs — big, bad and ugly.

Anglers go-go on Lake Toho

Jan 12, 2015

With this week's Southern Open #1 beginning Thursday, we take a look at the memorable moments from previous Toho tournaments.