Stephen Headrick

The smallmouth bass are suspending

Nov 4, 2013

Despite the fact that we’ve had a lot of rain this fall, the water level in most lakes and rivers is down because of the fall drawdown. And the water is cooling.

Picking the right jerkbait

Oct 25, 2013

There’s no perfect lure. They all have advantages and disadvantages.

Smallmouths and fall cold fronts

Oct 18, 2013

A lot of anglers believe cold fronts are the worst thing that can happen to bass fishing. It's not true when it comes to fall smallies.

Smallmouth bass and light

Oct 11, 2013

We’ve talked a little the past couple of weeks about the fact that smallmouth are aggressive and that they’re curious creatures. Now, let’s look at another trait that affects smallmouth bass behavior.

Smallmouth curiosity

Oct 7, 2013

In last week’s column we talked a little about smallmouth aggression. A trait that goes right along with that is curiosity. They’re the most curious fish I know.

Smallmouth aggression

Sep 27, 2013

With the Elite Series fishing smallmouth waters lately, we’re all hearing a lot about smallmouth aggression. It’s a concept that’s worth thinking about.

Details matter

Sep 20, 2013

It doesn’t help one bit to get in a hurry and cut corners. In fact, it’ll kill your fishing in the end.

Another look at line

Sep 16, 2013

If you’ve been using the same line for years, you should at least look at what else is available. Buy a small spool of something new and go fishing. You might like the change.

Follow the current

Sep 6, 2013

There’s a lot written about bass fishing current in lakes and manmade reservoirs. It’s something that we all know is important. But how many of us really understand it? I suspect not very many.

Sound matters

Aug 30, 2013

It’s important to understand the role that sound makes in attracting smallies ... and in running them off.