Mike Iaconelli

Classic prep, part 1

Dec 3, 2012

Over the next three weeks I’m going to tell you how I’m going to prepare for the 2013 Bassmaster Classic.

Learning to find change

Nov 26, 2012

OK, last week we talked about looking for change. This week we’ll talk about ways to find it.

Looking for change

Nov 19, 2012

The more I fish the more I realize what I’m really looking for is change. That helps me find fish every time I’m on the water. It’s the basis of everything I do. Bass always relate to differences. That means we should too.

An angler's view of Sandy

Nov 12, 2012

What Sandy did to us is beyond tragic. No thought about fishing compares to the hurt and pain of my neighbors or the other residents up here. The loss of life and property will never be made right by whatever happens to our bass populations.

Storms & prayers in NJ

Nov 5, 2012

This is Becky. You’re stuck with me this week. Mike is out helping others with their storm damage, and I have to say I’m thankful for that. He doesn’t have to help with our storm damage. Our prayers were answered.

Lessons learned: Oneida Lake

Oct 29, 2012

I’ve fished Oneida for almost 20 years. I’ve never seen it fish as tough as it did in practice this year. I was caught off-guard.

Lessons Learned: Green Bay

Oct 22, 2012

Mike reflects on a tough time at Green Bay.

Lessons Learned: The Mississippi River

Oct 15, 2012

This was a really exciting event for me. I love to fish rivers and I love to fish up north. We were fishing both.

Lessons Learned: Toledo Bend

Oct 8, 2012

When the timber is everywhere, the fish aren’t relating to it like they do to a few stickups. Saying they’re on the wood is like saying they’re in the water. It’s of no help whatsoever.

Lessons Learned: Douglas Lake

Oct 1, 2012

Ike reflects on the frustration he experienced at Douglas Lake.