Master Series On Finesse Fishing

Finesse fishing's most overlooked lure

May 29, 2012

They've been around a long time, but grubs get little respect among bass anglers. That's too bad since they can be extremely effective.

Two more techniques to try

Mar 22, 2011

Up to now, I've been concentrating on several of the best-known and most popular finesse techniques, but now I'd like to briefly describe two additional presentations I use a lot, especially now during the spawn and postspawn.

Why tube fishing catches so many bass

Feb 15, 2011

Of all the lures and presentations we use in finesse fishing, few are as well known as the plastic tube, or tube jig, first developed by the late Bobby Garland and introduced in 1964.

Re-discovering split shotting

Dec 14, 2010

Some fishermen describe split shotting as the "lost finesse technique" since it often gets overlooked in place of other light line presentations that have been developed to produce well in the same situations.

Shaky head: only the name is new

Nov 16, 2010

Many of today's anglers think the shaky head is a new technique, but the technique has been around for half a century, if not longer. Only the name is new.

How to finesse fish in current, part 2

Oct 12, 2010

Last time we covered the various options for bass in current. Now I want to tell you about the various finesse presentations I use under different moving water conditions.

How to finesse in current, part 1

Oct 11, 2010

Admittedly, moving water doesn't always seem like a place you'd seriously consider throwing finesse lures for bass, but don't forget that finesse presentations are always one of your options.

How to choose the right lure

May 18, 2010

Every time I go out on the water, I naturally think about the best way to get bass to bite, and generally it boils down to two options.

Choosing your finesse fishing rod

Apr 13, 2010

In recent weeks, I've described several of the finesse fishing techniques I regularly use in competition, but what I haven't mentioned are the rods I use.

Drop shotting with power

Mar 9, 2010

One of the misconceptions I hear a lot in my seminars is that finesse fishing is limited to light lines, whippy spinning rods and tiny 3-inch baits. It's something you generally do in deeper water when nothing else works, and all you can expect to do is catch small bass.