Don Barone

Christmas for Javier

Dec 23, 2008

In a dim garage on a cold November day, inside a crumpled newspaper insert, five words jumped out at me: a strong passion for fishing. Javier is in the sixth grade, and he has been in the care of DCF since 2002, when his parents "severed" their ties to him.

Bass caddy

Oct 24, 2008

Professional Bass Caddy, Steven Wells is the kind of guy that if you are in trouble, you would like to have him next to you. He is completely devoted to his wife Pamela Martin-Wells.

Mashed potatoes and history

Oct 23, 2008

There it stood in all its glory: heap upon heap of the fluffy motherload, sitting there all proud in some sort of huge martini/margarita shiny glass. We're at the Women's Bassmaster Championship and that there is some championship DESSERT.

Penny Berryman: Listening, looking, crying

Oct 23, 2008

Earlier this year, this woman standing alone on the dock was diagnosed with a meningioma, the most common kind of benign brain tumor. It was found growing behind her left eye, and growing quickly so close to her optic nerve that she had to have surgery right away — right during the season.


Sep 22, 2008

All that stands between the first Women's Bassmaster Tour angler fishing Bassmaster Classic are two bodies of water. And some very fat bass.

Kristy's time

Sep 21, 2008

While each Women's Bassmaster Tour Pro took the stage ... 100 feet away ... the future of the WBT was fishing for catfish in a child's pool. Their mother's and father's gentle hand helping to guide the fishing pole and child.


Sep 20, 2008

With a breeze, the flag unfurled, and some of the Iraqi sands it once flew above floated over Clarks Hill Lake during this, the sunrise of National POW/MIA Recognition Day. I watched as the wounded warrior on the bass boat held the flag high into the wind.

'Can I see some ID?'

Sep 19, 2008

Allow me to tell you what happens when your assignment is pretty much to just "hang around" and write about "whatever."

KVD & the caveman

Jun 9, 2008

David "Happy" White, a guy who needs 15 letters to be known, was about to fix something for 3-letter KVD that he had NEVER fixed before.

Bass Babies

Jun 9, 2008

I'm going to a Baby Shower. It's a celebration of two new faces about to arrive, a baby shower for Julia Kennedy and Jennifer Lowen.