Don Barone

Catfish and Bowman

May 28, 2008

whenever a boss talks to me I point my eyes their way, bite my lip, and pull at various clothes and appendages. I squirm too.

A Connecticut Yankee In Ray Scott's Court

Mar 20, 2008

Slightly unprepared for the cold and wind DB covers the Classic for the first time ever on the water. Exposed to the elements, Don is humbled by the dedication and determination of the Classic anglers.


Feb 24, 2008

While covering the 2008 Bassmaster Classic DB finds himself surrounded by the sports youngest fans.

Down Yonder to that UFO

Feb 23, 2008

Heavy fog and a messed up fast food order can't keep DB from covering the WBT. Don watches as 12 of the best female anglers prepare for launch.

What to Ask, What NOT to ask

Feb 21, 2008

Learning curves are all part of covering his first Classic. Don finds out that media days are not held inside a locker room, and the questions anglers really want to be asked.

Basically Screwed

Feb 20, 2008

It's Practice Day for the 50 Elite anglers. That's what the PR people are calling it in the hand out they gave me when I stumbled upon the media center while out hunting for something to eat.

There's a lot of outside in America

Feb 19, 2008

It's the people inside the outside that makes the outdoors great, and I want to thank them publicly for the gift they have given me, this year of writing about the outdoors.


Feb 18, 2008

I was sitting on a couch once with a werewolf when she asked me, "Do you get out much." Actually, to be honest, she was sitting on the couch, I was sitting on a ¾-inch RCA TV tape deck with my finger on the record button.

Diary of an Outdoor Writer Virgin

Feb 12, 2008

Catching a fish is catching a fish. But when your fishing buddy falls out of the boat doing it, now that's a story. I'm an outdoor writer that writes about your father putting his arm across your shoulder, what you saw in the campfire smoke — the legend, not the hunt


Feb 2, 2008

This here is an open email to one of the bosses that still talks to me at Bassmaster, Dave Precht, and since I don't get paid to write e-mails, but do get direct deposit cash to write blogs, consider this a blog.