Don Barone

A baseball cap for Victor

Sep 16, 2009

In a small town in Connecticut, there is a very happy young man. I'm writing about, Victor, and his

A livewell for Tony

Sep 15, 2009

his is the porch rocker where the wisdom of life came from. Me sitting on wooden steps, Gram rocking

Confessions of a selfish jerk

Sep 12, 2009

Universe Fact 1: If you are talking while you are ironing, whatever it is that you are saying is the

Alabama sky

Sep 12, 2009

As I sit on the dock and write this, I can see and hear 12 of the best of the best race back and for

Scenes from Lake Champlain

Aug 27, 2009

Before me, 362 anglers, Pro's and Co's about to live their dream. Once again. And I'm jealous...

Plattsburgh ... I'm back!

Aug 20, 2009 sent me to be in a fishing tournament. I had no idea they had fishing tournaments.

Marriage and a bag of fish

Jun 5, 2009

I've been married for 35 years to the same woman, Barb. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, I'm prett

Beauty and a Beast

May 6, 2009

Let me tell you this: It's near impossible to hit a chipmunk with an ironing board. I actually have

Building a better mouse bass trap

May 1, 2009

Don't be shocked at what I'm saying. J.J. knows he stinks like garlic. Garlic is pretty much his lif

One Day

Apr 30, 2009

Jim is a pro angler fishing the Bassmaster Opens and other local tournament trails ... his dream, to