Chris Lane

It's a learning process, Part 1

Mar 6, 2013

Every single day in this business is a learning process.

A new champion

Feb 25, 2013

I’m passing the title off to a good man. That makes it a lot easier to deal with.

I gave it my best

Feb 23, 2013

Have you ever heard of being a day late and a dollar short? Well, that’s me.

Not one bite today

Feb 22, 2013

I’ll tell you what, anyone who thinks this sport of bass fishing can’t humble you had better think again because it can, and in a single day.

Soakin' it in

Feb 21, 2013

The weather’s been a little tough out here, but I have to tell you that this has really been a fun Classic for me and the family.

2013 Classic: It’s practice, man!

Feb 20, 2013

It’s about noon. I’m on my way back from practice. As nasty and ugly as it is out there I have to say that this weather didn’t hurt my fishing or my Classic strategy one bit. In fact, it might have gotten better after this morning.

2013 Classic: Stay or leave?

Feb 19, 2013

I’ll tell you what, this is going to be a Classic! I spent three days on the water and at this point the only thing I can say is that the fish are big and scattered.

2012 in the rearview mirror

Feb 12, 2013

What a year this has been! I dreamed most of my life about being a Bassmaster Classic champion. But, in truth, I had no idea what it would really be like.

Getting my head right

Feb 5, 2013

I’m still in Florida getting ready to fish another tournament. That one should be over on Sunday. I’ll fly home as soon as possible after that to get ready for the Classic.

It's great to be fishing again!

Jan 29, 2013

I’m finally back on the water catching bass. It’s been too long for me. This is a refreshing experience, getting ready for the Open later this week on Toho.