ICAST 2013 Live Blog

Is your head normal?

6:32 pm PDT, Jul 10, 2013

If you have trouble fitting face masks over your head -- whether your head is a little too big or a tad too teensy -- Aqua Design has a fix. Its new face protector comes with an adjustable strap in the back.

Protect your kids

6:29 pm PDT, Jul 10, 2013

Mustang Survival says it wants kids to be as happy and safe on the water as their parents are. So the company has extended its line of kid-size life jackets to accommodate younger anglers.

Check out the new selection of tot-size PFDs from Mustang Survival.

The gang's all here

4:49 pm PDT, Jul 10, 2013
| By Ken Duke

Hail, Hal, the gang's all here -- at ICAST! That makes it tough to get through the aisles without being stopped dozens of times to visit with friends I haven't seen in months or more. No complaints, though. It's part of the fun of being here. I'm also trying to round up all the new bass reels for the coming year-- more than you might think!

For the wanna-be organized angler

2:59 pm PDT, Jul 10, 2013

I admit it — I'm a little OCD when it comes to organization. I love anything and everything that has to do with storage. So when it comes to checking out the new storage products at ICAST 2013, I was stoked to get this assignment.


You can imagine how excited I was to walk into Plano's booth. Wow. Choices abound — StowAway compartments with removable dividers, fixed dividers, even no dividers at all. Soft tackle bags, hard cases, Hydro-Flo options so your baits can breathe. They have it all.


One item I was particularly intrigued by is the Worm Wrap. I hear all the time from readers who recommend in our "Weekend Angler" column that anglers should use plastic bags, bags on rings, and binders to organize their favorite soft plastics. This Worm Wrap does all that, and it's water resistant. Sweet!

Back porch sittin'

12:22 pm PDT, Jul 10, 2013

As I wander around the floor at ICAST 2013, there's one booth that keeps drawing my attention: Costa. It's part shack on the bayou, part country store, part Kenny Chesney's beach bungalow. And I want to chill here. Preferably with a margarita in my hand. 


Obviously designed to promote Costa's stellar sunglasses — and the fishin', beachin', chillin' lifestyle — this is where you can kick back, try on some shades and chitchat with their friendly staff.

Style on your head

11:19 am PDT, Jul 10, 2013

G.Loomis has a full line of hats that are adjustable and will absorb your head sweat. And they're fashionable, too. Check out the port, orange and pink colors on the new Reactive Denim line of caps. These retail for $24 each.

Look like a pro

11:18 am PDT, Jul 10, 2013

Want to look like you fish for a living? Shimano makes it easy with the Technical Sublimated LS Zip Tee. Add your own logos and your friends will think you're a big deal on the Bassmaster circuit!

Each shirt retails for $89.99. It comes in blue, gray and red.

The newest from Life Proof: Nuud

11:12 am PDT, Jul 10, 2013

LifeProof's new phone cases (called Nuud) create a waterproof seal around your screen which allows you to have all the features of a waterproof phone without the bulk and loss of touch. We checked this out at the LIfeproof booth and were pretty astounded that a case could seal around your screen. Definitely something to consider if you need protection for your iPhone out on the water.


They also have an attachment that makes your phone float. It adds some bulk, but as someone who's personally seen a phone drop like a brick in Logan Martin, that sounds pretty awesome.


LifeProof also showed off a new case for the iPad Mini.

Industry breakfast packed

11:10 am PDT, Jul 10, 2013

Here is the packed room for this morning's ICAST  industry breakfast. The event was sold out.


I looked at the full room and though, "My goodness, everyone in this room is dedicated to people catching fish." Pretty darn cool.

Johnny Bench speaks at ICAST industry breakfast

11:09 am PDT, Jul 10, 2013

This morning's industry breakfast gave us a great overview of the fishing industry and growth in participation over the past few years-- up 11 percent.


Johnny Bench was the featured speaker. That's him in the green jacket. He is known for being the hall of fame catcher of the Cincinnati Reds during their run of championships in the 1970s.


Johnny told us his life story, which began in Oklahoma, growing up on a farm. He dreamed of playing professional baseball from age 4 on up. In 5th grade when he told his classmates of the dream, they laughed at him. He was 5 foot 2 inches tall at the time, with size 12 feet. He was drafted by the Reds at the age of 17 and quickly became a success at the professional level. He said part of what drove him was a fear of failure. Not that he was personally afraid of failure but more that he didn't want to disappoint his family, friends and teammates.


Bench grew up fishing often with his dad. He's passionate about the sport still today, and spoke proudly of taking his two children, ages 3 and 7, fishing.