ICAST 2013 Live Blog

Edwin Evers talks AOY and finishing the season

7:29 am PDT, Jul 13, 2013

Jacket made of waders

2:00 pm PDT, Jul 12, 2013

The Pilot II by frogg toggs is a jacket and bib made of the same material waders are made of. It's waterproof, breathable and light weight. The jacket has a multiple-piece hood and several storage compartments and D-rings for accessories.

The Pilot II comes in two color combinations: black/gray and taupe/stone. The jacket retails for $139 to $149, and the bib retails did $129 to $139.

Keep a cool head

1:58 pm PDT, Jul 12, 2013

If you've ever heard of frogg toggs' Chilly Pad, then you already know how cool the idea of a Chilly Pad hat is.

The original Chilly Pad is a towel that you wet with warm water and put it on you while you're in the heat. It holds 12 times its weight in water and the coolness lasts up to four hours. It gets 20 to 30 degrees below the ambient temperature.

The newest addition to the line is the Chilly Bean Cooling Hat. It looks like a regular hat but functions as a personal air conditioner. It retails for $12 to $15.

Fashionable and functional

1:57 pm PDT, Jul 12, 2013

Simms has added the women's Crewneck to the SolarFlex line. With artistic styling and contrasting stitching, the shirt is attractive and feminine. It protects the wearer from UV rays and resists odor and sweat.

The shirt sells for $39.95.

Spotlight on the water

1:06 pm PDT, Jul 12, 2013

I dropped by the Rigid Industries booth to chat with Marine Category Manager Chris Brown and met Bassmaster Elite Series pro Josh Bertrand for the first time — nice guy! They showed off the new product for ICAST 2013 — the Trolling Motor spotlight which will shine out over the water, helping anglers see in lowlight conditions. Very cool product from a couple of very cool guys.

Feminine touch

1:01 pm PDT, Jul 12, 2013

Typhoon is expanding its line of eyewear for female anglers. The Moriah and the Coral are new offerings for the ladies. Each comes in tortoise and black.

Typhoon sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty, and the lenses are polarized and offer UV protection.

Luck-E Guido

12:56 pm PDT, Jul 12, 2013

Bassmaster Classic champ Guido Hibdon has designed two new soft plastic baits for Luck-E-Strike: the Ringmaster and the Ringleader. The Ringmaster, a creature bait, is designed with rings placed close together to trap air. The Ringleader, a worm, floats higher and creates a lot of action with the swimming tail. "I wanted to create something different than everything else out there," Hibdon said from the Luck-E-Strike booth at ICAST 2013.

Props to Livingston Lures

12:41 pm PDT, Jul 12, 2013

Livingston Lures, one of B.A.S.S. supporting sponsors, has an impressive booth at ICAST 2013 displaying all of their lures, along with photos of their pros Bassmaster Elite Series pros Brent Chapman, Randy Howell, Hank Cherry, Jeff Kriet, Byron Velvick and more. Stop by to check out their lures, from the Pro Wake to the Dive Master Jr.

Put a fork in it!

12:27 pm PDT, Jul 12, 2013
| By Ken Duke

This ICAST is over! It was a good one, too -- busy, bigger than in recent years and definitely full of interesting new products.
It was a joy working the floor with Jennifer Dome, David Hunter Jones, Chris Mitchell, Tyler Reed, Jim Sexton and Laurie Tisdale ... as always. They're the best.
Next year it's in Orlando. That should be just about enough time to recover!

Up your cool factor

12:19 pm PDT, Jul 12, 2013

As ICAST draws to a close, the B.A.S.S. staffers are looking for a quick mental break. Jim Coble, founder of 13 Fishing, brought over a selection of the company's new hats and encouraged us to try some on. Then cameras started snapping and duck-face ensued.

The hats are a beauty, and they're reasonably priced at $20 to $24. But the best part of the hats is their creative names. Here's a sample: Killer Penguin, Blue Steel, Slick Jimmy and High-Tech Redneck.