ICAST 2012 Live Blog

Technology at ICAST

8:55 am EDT, Jul 11, 2012

Nearly everyone is getting more technology in their life. The same can be said for anglers. I think it's fair to say that using the right technology in the boat can help you catch more fish. Here's a photo of just a few of the high tech products from the New Product Showcase. We'll give you a closer look at how fishing technology is advancing during the next three days at ICAST.

Visionary hat

7:38 pm EDT, Jul 10, 2012

Want to be able to fish at night without having to haul a flashlight or wear fancy headgear?

Now, thanks to Panther Vision, you can just wear a ball cap and be good to go -- in the dark.

A hidden button in the bill of the PowerCap Pro Series Lighted Hat lights up so you can see the fish -- or the tackle or the dock or whatever you need to see. You can choose green or white LED lights, each with 61 hours of battery life.

The cap costs $29.99.


Something for the kiddies

7:08 pm EDT, Jul 10, 2012

I just found the Kids' Tackle table at the New Product Showcase, and my eyes lit up! It's fun to see a youth-generated category here at ICAST, home of the best new fishing gear.


The Barbie and Spider-Man Shakespeare Hide-A-Hook Bobber kit and Animal Planet fishing rods make me wish I was six again and throwing out my first line.


The Kids' Tackle table is drawing a lot of interest, and I'm hoping that's a good sign for youth fishing this year.

Functional fishing fashions

6:59 pm EDT, Jul 10, 2012

Apparel function -- SPF, microfiber, antimicrobial, etc. -- is definitely important. But shirts with cool designs? We dig those too!


Hogfish and Skittlefish are the subjects of new artistic designs by Bigfin Apparel. The designs were hand-drawn by Ray Domingo. They come in sizes for ladies, who will enjoy the pastel collages.



Mojo Sportswear is introducing Bass Camo, a design that helps disguise the angler from the bass. (At least, the green one does. The pink? That just looks more ... feminine.)


The Bass Camo shirts do come with a 50+ UPF rating.

Sun Mullet

6:53 pm EDT, Jul 10, 2012

It's always been cool to have a mullet, right? Well, if you've never been able to grow one, here's one you can just slip right on!


The Sun Mullet offers sun protection that won't smudge, swear off or run into your eyes. The wearable mullet blocks 98% of UV rays. It can be worn multiple ways, but we like the way B.A.S.S. staffer Helen Northcutt wears it best. The Sun Mullet folks say the product is lightweight, breathable and stretchy. Plus, you can throw it in the washing machine after you've sweated in it all day.


Wicked ball

6:43 pm EDT, Jul 10, 2012

Want to make any crankbait hunt and kick out upon retrieve? Check out Zappu's Abare Dama. It's a screw-on spring that houses a tungsten ball whic, and when hung in the trailing treble hook of a crankbait, causes it to kick out at random. "Abare Dama" lives up to its name, "wicked ball."


Chill out, man

6:37 pm EDT, Jul 10, 2012

It's well-known that wearing the right shoes can make you look cool. But did you know that you could actually be cooled off by your shoes?


That's what Columbia Sportswear says about its Powerdrain Cool PFG shoes. The shoes are made with Omni-Freeze ZERO sweat-activated cooling technology. The little blue rings concentrate a cooling agent close to the skin, capitalizing on your sweat to lower the overall temp of the fabric -- providing instant cooling for the wearer.


Plus, the shoes drain water, making it easier on fishermen who run into a little water on the bank or in the boat.

Going solo

6:29 pm EDT, Jul 10, 2012

Designed to fit in the common SUV, this one-man boat even has wheels to help you get it on the water quickly.


solo boat

All the gear you can carry

6:23 pm EDT, Jul 10, 2012

What products will take home top honors at ICAST this year? As members of the media take a sneak peak at the newest and coolest products yet to hit the market, the votes are being cast.


From giftware to the latest in soft lures, the floor showroom will be packed with sparkly new toys and gadgets. From what I can tell, it's going to be a tough race in the tackle storage department. Here, there is a pocket for everything and special features you would have never thought of. Can't wait to see what the rest of the week will hold.


In the meantime, check out the new design on this T3 Mini Front Loader tacklebox from Flambeau, Inc.


Booths ready for ICAST

6:17 pm EDT, Jul 10, 2012

The crowd gets a sneak peek at the ICAST New Product Preview Reception.