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Team Jocumsen/Mazy with a spotted bass

10:36 am EDT, Jun 6, 2015

Team Jocumsen and Mazy are on the board with a spotted bass.

Buzzbait clinic for Palaniuk & McNeil

10:19 am EDT, Jun 6, 2015

Team Palaniuk and McNeil pulled in a couple hundred yards from Ashley. We meandered over to ask how their morning was shaping up. "We have a 2-pounder in the livewell," said Palaniuk. "Carter was putting on a clinic this morning. I promise you he can skip a buzzbait better than I can!" he said.

20 miles upriver

10:08 am EDT, Jun 6, 2015

We are now 20 miles upriver and found team Ashley and Penton. After only a few minutes of watching, Penton sets the hook and lands a nonkeeper. The duo is still looking for their first keeper. How cool is it that our reigning Classic champ volunteered to fish with the All Americans?!

Pirch with team's first keeper

10:01 am EDT, Jun 6, 2015

No. 1 for Menendez & Sterrit

9:43 am EDT, Jun 6, 2015

As soon as we pulled up on team Menendez and Sterrit, they boated their first keeper. They have 2 pounds in the livewell. They are flipping shoreline wood that had current blowing past it.

Palaniuk's team with 2-pounder

9:18 am EDT, Jun 6, 2015

Keeper No. 1 weights 2 pounds for Team Palaniuk.

Lowen & Foshee bring in first keeper

9:14 am EDT, Jun 6, 2015

Team Lowen and Foshee are the first to strike, with Lowen landing a 2-pounder.

Jocumsen heads out with All-American

8:55 am EDT, Jun 6, 2015

Grafeman and Pirch get ready to head out

8:51 am EDT, Jun 6, 2015

All-American Joe Grafeman and Cliff Pirch prepare to head out on the water.

All-American Dillon Harrell with Kurt Dove

8:48 am EDT, Jun 6, 2015


Photos by Elizabeth Harrell