2014 Dick Cepek Tires Bassmaster Elite at Lake Seminole presented by Hardee's
Lake Seminole - Bainbridge, GA, Mar 13 - 16, 2014

2014 Elite Series: Lake Seminole Live Blog

Omori has four fish

9:33 am EDT, Mar 16, 2014

Takahiro Omori just confirmed he has four fish for about 18 pounds, including a 7 1/2-pounder.

First Look with Davy Hite coming early today

9:21 am EDT, Mar 16, 2014

This year on day 4 of the Elite Series tournaments we'll be running our new live stream video series "First Look with Davy Hite." In the series the veteran angler, and Classic winner, will interview the top 12 competitors as they come off the water, getting the first look at how the angler's day has been.   We tested the live show during the Bassmaster Classic and it got a great response from the audience. Today's episode should begin around 12:45 ET.

Velvick searching

9:15 am EDT, Mar 16, 2014

Byron Velvick is not far from Aaron Martens, fishing an area a little protected from wind. He's still searching for a big fish.

GoPro Video: Final day takeoff

9:12 am EDT, Mar 16, 2014

It's probably a done deal, but incentives remain

9:08 am EDT, Mar 16, 2014

At 9 a.m., Brett Hite has probably sealed the deal on winning this tournament. But there are plenty of incentives for the other 11 guys. Angler of the Year points and money is on the line with every place in the Top 12.


And Aaron Martens has to feel like a winner already. He made a miraculous comeback in the AOY race last year, after finishing in the mid-80s at the season opening event. No one else had ever overcome such a poor start in a race that demands consistency.


So far, the only consistency we've seen from Martens today is swinging and missing, which he's done three times. But fish catches seem to happen in a flurry here, so that could change any minute.

Hite hooks No. 5

9:05 am EDT, Mar 16, 2014

Brett Hite is on fire, landing a limit of five fish before 9 a.m. ET. His latest catch was a good-looking 5-pounder. The angler from Phoenix, Ariz., showed a lot of emotion, hollering and holding the fish in the air.

Hite lands number 4

8:47 am EDT, Mar 16, 2014

Brett Hite just landed fish number 4. We're estimating that gives him 12 or 13 pounds in the livewell. The wind is stronger today than we've seen all week, with 15 to 20 mile an hour gusts. This is the widest part of the lake, giving that old wind plenty of space to build up a
head of steam.

New weather every day

8:42 am EDT, Mar 16, 2014

There are several anglers bunched near the confluence of Spring Creek and Flint River, and they are having to deal with a different set of weather conditions than they've seen in previous days. Today the wind is blowing hard from the southeast, right into this area. Thursdayit blew hard out of the northwest. Saturday was calm most of the day.


Kevin Short, Takahiro Omori and Todd Faircloth are in sight of Aaron Martens, but these guys are spread out, not bumping boats. There are another three or four anglers within a mile radius. We just saw Andy Montgomery come and go.


Martens is ripping a lipless crankbait. He just swung and missed.

Hite puts fish number 3 in the Livewell

8:41 am EDT, Mar 16, 2014

This morning Brett Hite returned to the spot where he did most of his damage on day 3. We're near the Jim Woodruff Dam and Brett is fishing about 10 yards off a wooded bank. He's throwing what appears to be a chatter bait or a bladed bait of some kind.


Brett just landed keeper number three, which appears to be a 2 and a half pounder. That gives him 10 or 11 pounds in the livewell. At this rate Brett Hite is going to be hard to catch.

Short in open water

8:38 am EDT, Mar 16, 2014

Back on his open water spot. He has two keepers so far. No size to them.