2014 Dick Cepek Tires Bassmaster Elite at Lake Seminole presented by Hardee's
Lake Seminole - Bainbridge, GA, Mar 13 - 16, 2014

2014 Elite Series: Lake Seminole Live Blog

Video: Brett Hite wins!

2:03 pm EDT, Mar 16, 2014

Brett Hite wins big today at Lake Seminole! Check out this video of his weigh-in:


Video: Brett Hite is culling up

1:00 pm EDT, Mar 16, 2014

Watch Brett Hite culling up on Day 4 at Lake Seminole:


Hite: Green pumpkin chatterbait

12:46 pm EDT, Mar 16, 2014

Brett Hite has caught most of his fish today on a green pumpkin Chatterbait. Earlier today he was fishing a black and blue Chatterbait. Be sure to read Steve Wright's excellent story on the 10th anniversary of the Chatterbait which ran earlier this week on Bassmaster.com.  

Hite "I hope it's not a log"

12:43 pm EDT, Mar 16, 2014

When Brett Hite hooked his 8 pounder his first thought was, "I hope that's not a log." Brett had gotten snagged a couple time in this area. Photographer James Overstreet captured the joy on Brett's face when he realized he had a big fish. Look for that photo gallery on Bassmaster.com this afternoon. It will be full of epic shots.

War Room: update on leaders

12:19 pm EDT, Mar 16, 2014

Here's the latest from the War Room:


Video: Day 4 with Hite

12:17 pm EDT, Mar 16, 2014


Watch Day 4 leader Brett Hite on the water here:


8-pounder rocks Hite's world

12:07 pm EDT, Mar 16, 2014

Brett Hite just landed a monster. This 8 pound bass allowed him to cull up 5 more pounds. We're estimating his bag to be in the 25 pound range now.  Hite's reaction was awesome to watch. He hollered and raised his arms in the air. Are we watching the winning angler? Time
will tell!

Wind strong near Faircloth

12:05 pm EDT, Mar 16, 2014

The wind is getting stronger and stronger. White caps are everywhere, and it's hard to be floating and shooting photos.

Faircloth in choppy water

12:01 pm EDT, Mar 16, 2014

On Todd Faircloth now. It is getting windy on main lake and it is nasty, choppy water here. As soon as we got to him a picture moment came. Caught another 4-pounder and culled. He is too far and it is too windy so I can't talk to him at this distance. But he is having another great bag.

This weigh-in will be quick

11:56 am EDT, Mar 16, 2014

B.A.S.S. personnel are preparing for the worst, and it looks like the worst will be hitting here in Bainbridge at weigh-in time - 1 p.m. ET. According to the timeline on weather radar, we'll be in the thick of the storm as the weigh-in begins.


The main weigh-in stage has already been disassembled and stowed away. The smaller sound  stage will be used for the weigh-in, just as it was at Falcon Lake on Day 4 last year, when a wind storm hit.


Every bassmaster.com feature, like First Look and Hooked Up, will probably occur in abbreviated form this afternoon.