Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Blog

Dates changed for Eastern Regional

4:53 pm EDT, May 5, 2014

Attention anglers: The dates for the Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Eastern Regional have moved. Anglers will now fish on Thursday and Friday, June 12-13. The registration and briefing will be held June 11. Your tournament registrations must be submitted by Friday, May 9. Click here to register for the tournament.

Who's biting?

1:50 pm EDT, Apr 12, 2014

The sacalait (Cajun French for crappie) are biting!  (photo by Zachary Dubois)

Recovery on the Ouachita

11:57 am EDT, Apr 12, 2014

It's almost playing out like a soap opera ...


Moments after ULM's agonizing loss - just like that - Preuette puts a solid fish in the boat. This fish pushes 3 pounds and is just the boost ULM needed. 

Angst on the Ouachita

11:52 am EDT, Apr 12, 2014

Blackett of ULM just lost a 5 to 6 pounder. "One of those you see once a year on the river" according to Preuett.


That's going to be tough to bounce back from.

It's a small river, after all

11:51 am EDT, Apr 12, 2014

 First-place team of ULM and second-place team of Arkansas Tech cross paths ... again.

ULM boats number one

11:47 am EDT, Apr 12, 2014

ULM just boated number one. Word from the camera guys has Arkansas Tech at one small keeper and La Tech with 4 for 3 pounds. A grind for all the leaders this morning but most anglers are saying the afternoon bite is what they've been counting on. That's still to come.

The beards are back

10:32 am EDT, Apr 12, 2014

Staff visits Duck Commander

10:31 am EDT, Apr 12, 2014

It's a hard job, but someone has to do it!

What and how ULM is fishing

10:22 am EDT, Apr 12, 2014

Preuette and Blackett are targeting fish in junk mats next to the bank. These mats consist of leaves and twigs mostly that floated up from the forest floor due to the flood waters. The key here though is next to the bank. There are very few places on the river right now where you can fish an actual bank. Most places theirs a hard edge of trees with water extending back in to them a couple hundred feet. With a little extra effort, ULM can skip a soft plastic bait back into the trees here and actually target fish sitting under these mats along the bank.

Where they've never gone before

10:21 am EDT, Apr 12, 2014

Caught up with Day 1 leaders ULM as they were making their way into their second stop of the morning. After a 30 minute run upriver I was just nearing the mouth of the backwater they told me they'd be in when they came scooting by. Lucky that they did because I would have never found them otherwise. Basically we just idled through a forest, over a concrete barrier and then popped out into a lake that I had no idea existed.

I asked the obvious question, could you usually get back here? The answer was no. Due to the high-water levels we were able to idle clean over a concrete barrier that usually tops out 5 feet above the water line.

Interesting day already...