Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Blog

East Carolina with a good keeper to start

10:04 am EDT, Jul 9, 2015

Zach Blalock and Mike Corbishley from East Carolina with a good start to Day 1. 

2014 National Champion Andrew Helms' thoughts on defending the title

10:02 am EDT, Jul 9, 2015

Andrew Helms remembers listening to the 2014 Classic Champ Randy Howell when he came and spoke at chapel at Lake Chatuge last year.


“I remember when Randy Howell talked to us at the championship last year that he wanted to win the 2015 Classic, not only to win it again, but because he wanted a trophy with his name on it. I remembered that line before we won last year and that’s been in my head all year.”


Jake Whitaker and Andrew Helms headed out in hopes to getting that trophy with their names on it.

Catching up with Cal Poly

9:41 am EDT, Jul 9, 2015

The Cal Poly team of John Zeolla and Clayton Lauchland have caught a couple short fish this morning and don't have a keeper in the boat, but they couldn't be any happier to be here. I spoke with them this morning after I found out they were rear ended just before heading to the Championship. Just hours before they were going to head to Wisconsin a minivan rear ended their boat, totaling it, and putting the team into full scramble mode. Zeolla's boat was totaled, but they got Launchland's boat and drove over 2,000 miles to get here. There will be more on their story this week.

Rusty water

9:24 am EDT, Jul 9, 2015

The water here on DuBay has a very rusty look to it. Not muddy but definitely not clear. Kind of tannic looking especially as you work your way up river and get above a few of the bridges. There's a distinct change in water color. Whether that's a good or bad thing, we're not sure yet. But water clarity will definitely be a factor in deterring some of the areas that produce this week. 

College Day 1 is underway

9:22 am EDT, Jul 9, 2015

Takeoff time on Tiki Beach

9:20 am EDT, Jul 9, 2015

Parents and fans line the shore of Tiki Beach to watch Day 1 takeoff. 

Almost time

9:18 am EDT, Jul 9, 2015

Almost time for takeoff for Day 1 of the Carhartt College National Championship. 

Angler appreciation night begins

6:39 pm EDT, Jul 8, 2015

A swimming bird

6:31 pm EDT, Jul 8, 2015

University of Alabama teammates Frank Appaluccio Logan Shaddix took time out during practice to save a bird who decided to swim.


ULM with a good one

3:19 pm EDT, Jul 8, 2015

Tyler Craig and Blake Alford with a good smallie.