Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Blog

Snowing in Louisiana

8:06 am EST, Mar 5, 2015

It was snowing before the B.A.S.S. staff left the hotel for takeoff.


Update by B.A.S.S. Nation Coordinator Emily Hand

Carhartt College Central Regional takeoff delayed

7:45 am EST, Mar 5, 2015

Due to the weather situation in Natchitoches, La., today's Carhartt College Central Regional takeoff has been delayed to 9:30 a.m. CT.


It could be pushed back further pending the changing conditions.

LSU team geauxs to dinner

7:40 am EST, Mar 5, 2015

The LSU team ate at Papas Bar and Grill night before the tournament.


Update submitted by Darrell Henson

db In the house...

2:19 pm EST, Mar 3, 2015 the pretty little Louisiana town of Natchitoches for the Carhartt College Central Regional.

Going to meet at 8pm tonight with the NW Louisiana State Bass Fishing team at the Library...i thought it was a bar since in college I was a bartender in a joint called The Library..but the team President told me, "No they only have books at this library."  Hmmm

FSU's chunky bass

10:27 am EST, Jan 5, 2015

The fourth-place Florida State University (FSU) team caught a chunky bass early.


Photo submitted by Justin Mahon.

Catching up with Clemson

10:24 am EST, Jan 5, 2015
I just caught up with Garvin and Reome also of Clemson. They're having a slow start with only one small keeper so far.
They're not all that worried though. As Garvin pointed out, they didn't have a fish until 12:30 yesterday. 

In second place, Clemson stays close

8:40 am EST, Jan 5, 2015
Daytona State packed up and headed south on their three hour run.
The second place team from Clemson University was just around the corner, so I figured, "A bird in the hand..."
As I pulled up, cameraman Wes Miller said, "You just missed the 4-pounder." That fish easily puts Clemson in front of Daytona State for at least three hours if the Oltorik brothers don't stop anywhere else first.
Since then, Clemson's Baylor Ronemus and Cole Tinsley have put another solid keeper in the boat.   

Daytona State sets up shop

8:34 am EST, Jan 5, 2015

Daytona State sets up shop offshore as the remainder of the top 20 blow by.

Weather update

11:23 am EST, Jan 4, 2015

The sun has finally broken through, something several anglers wanted. However the wind hasn't let up. If anything it's picked up a bit. Definitely a sustained 15 mph if not more. That's going to play a big factor today for some teams that made a long run. Several teams timed their runs down today. Hopefully they're able to tell the wind has picked up because the 45 minutes that it took to get into Lake George may be more like an hour and a half to make the return trip. There are few worse feelings than fishing in a canal all day and packing up to head back only to find waves crashing into the mouth of the canal. 

More out than in

10:54 am EST, Jan 4, 2015

Several anglers are working offshore in an attempt to intersect pre-spawners. There seems to be more boats out than in today.