Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Blog

College: Day 2 could be tricky

8:23 am EDT, Jul 10, 2015

Going to be a little shallow and slow

8:22 am EDT, Jul 10, 2015

We're idling up the Little Eau Plaine River in search of our leaders from Day 1, Texas A&M University. We've already seen two boats headed the other way after hazard inflicted motor issues. Not looking for any of those so we're going to take it nice and slow. We've already seen 7 or 8 teams fishing this river which is only about 30-yards wide. One thing anglers seemed to agree on yesterday at weigh-in, if you're going to get multiple bites out here you need to be around current. That explains the abundance of boats. And it seems those who idle the farthest are the ones catching the better quality fish as we haven't seen any of the top 5 anglers yet and a few are said to be in here. Onward and upward for now. 

Anglers line up to weigh in

4:09 pm EDT, Jul 9, 2015

Photo by Emily Hand

At the tanks

3:29 pm EDT, Jul 9, 2015

First few teams to the tanks have the full three-fish tournament limit. 

A late comeback

2:21 pm EDT, Jul 9, 2015

Tyler Rivet and Allyson Marcel from Nicholls State University

On the board

1:41 pm EDT, Jul 9, 2015

Josh Bensema and Matt McArdle from Texas A&M are on the board.

Defending champs are on the board

11:24 am EDT, Jul 9, 2015

Jake Whitaker and Andrew Helms get on the board with a decent DuBay largemouth. 

Video updates

11:00 am EDT, Jul 9, 2015

Water level

10:54 am EDT, Jul 9, 2015

It looks as if the water level here at DuBay has dropped some. We heard some grumblings that it could affect anglers getting into some of these areas.

Tough fishing

10:38 am EDT, Jul 9, 2015

Stopped on about half a dozen teams in the last few minutes and none of them had a keeper yet this morning. This tournament will certainly be a grinder and the teams who do well will certainly have to work hard for their keep so-to-say. A solid 2 1/2 to 3 pounder will go far this week.