Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Blog

Bethel has two

11:08 am EDT, Aug 1, 2014

Brandon Koon and Blake Welch of Bethel University have two in the boat. They weighed in 8 pounds yesterday.

Polk State three good ones

10:58 am EDT, Aug 1, 2014

Luke Ferguson and Wesley Wise of Polk State College have three good ones, probably around 9 pounds.

"It's been pretty slow," said Ferguson.

Dallas Baptist culling

10:52 am EDT, Aug 1, 2014

Trent Newman and Jacob Sepeda of Dallas Baptist are culling. And one of the bass is a good one.

Valdosta makes a move

10:41 am EDT, Aug 1, 2014

Taylor Minick and Landon Tucker of Valdosta State University have one in the boat. That's one more than they weighed in yesterday. The pair have had their fill and are moving on. 

Camera shy

10:39 am EDT, Aug 1, 2014

Nick LaDart and Brian Eaton of University of Louisiana Monroe only have one fish so far. The bass obviously don't want to make an appearance on the ESPN cameras. 

Catch up on the college BassCam

9:36 am EDT, Aug 1, 2014

Tough start

9:34 am EDT, Aug 1, 2014

Hugus and Hahner of Wisconsin Stevens Point sitting on 0. Tough start.

Here comes the sun

9:00 am EDT, Aug 1, 2014

The sun has finally broken through. That wasn't supposed to happen ... all week according to the forecast. But it has and that's what over half the field begged for during weigh-in yesterday. Let's see if it makes a difference.


Number 5 for Bethel's Parker and Roberts. And number 6. Back to back keepers within 5 minutes of the sun popping out from behind the clouds. May be a coincidence. But considering they spent the last 30 minutes biteless, probably not.

Catching up with Bethel

8:31 am EDT, Aug 1, 2014

Parker and Roberts of Bethel have four fish this morning — three babies and one decent one, according to Parker. 

Locals show support

8:30 am EDT, Aug 1, 2014

Locals show their support for college anglers. Photo by Robert Rutherford.