Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Blog

A look at the fog delay

8:30 am EDT, Aug 2, 2013
| By Ben Ashby

A look at the fog delay earlier this morning.

Getting crowded

8:27 am EDT, Aug 2, 2013

With the leaders from Eastern Washington University this morning, and it's getting crowded in this small creek. Not sure how many boats were in here yesterday, but I know there are four competitors including the leaders in here now. Very cramped and getting more cramped by the minute as that fourth boat just arrived. 

A show of respect

8:21 am EDT, Aug 2, 2013

Mass exodus as the other boats realize that the leaders are fishing in this area. A great show of sportsmanship as these other teams don't want to encroach on the team with the lead. There's no written rule saying that other anglers can't fish in the same areas as the leaders, but it's something that's frowned upon by most. An unwritten rule if you will that questions the integrity of other anglers. Impressive to see three teams pick up the trolling motor and bow out at this level of competition, some of which did very well yesterday. These anglers aren't giving up, however, just moving on to other water.

Some pre-launch photos

7:54 am EDT, Aug 2, 2013

And they're off!

7:48 am EDT, Aug 2, 2013

And they’re off! After a 35-minute delay, the teams are on Lake Chatuge and fishing. A lot of what was reported yesterday was an afternoon bite, so it’s unlikely that losing that little bit of time hurt anyone. The topwater bite that a lot of teams were banking on yesterday was nearly nonexistent, and wasn’t a factor in come weigh-in time.

Day Two begins

6:55 am EDT, Aug 2, 2013

Fog delay

6:50 am EDT, Aug 2, 2013

Day Two of the Carhartt Bassmaster College Championship is under a fog delay due to the blanket that's currently surrounding the take-off and immediate area. It's burning off rather quickly, though, so tournament director Hank Weldon doesn't expect the delay to last much longer.

Brotherly love

11:52 am EDT, Aug 1, 2013

We just caught up with Auburn's Jordan Lee and Shane Powell. They guess they're sitting on 10 pounds or so, which seems to be pretty fair, based on our limited intel. Chandler Ray told me that Jordan's motor blew two days ago and mama Lee drove brother Matt's boat up from Alabama. Matt is in his Carhartt-wrapped Triton/Mercury. That's family love right there, folks.

Young Harris adding weight

11:31 am EDT, Aug 1, 2013

Young Harris' Peeler and Rutherford just added a 3-pounder to their livewell, giving them between 12 and 13 pounds. Chandler Ray says that the fishing is tough because the pair is targeting brushpiles, something they rarely do, except when it's tough.

Local faves have a following

11:10 am EDT, Aug 1, 2013

We've pulled up on the local favorites, Young Harris College's Matthew Peeler and Brad Rutherford. They've got five fish for 10 or so pounds. The duo is so well known that there's a group of locals following them, watching. They're working main-lake points and other offshore structure. Two of their fish are good, but the other three are reported to be babies. My boat driver says that if the team makes it to the All-Star week Classic Bracket competition, Peeler may have to sit it out because he's got a "real job" and getting a week off for this event was a chore.