Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Blog

Chasing schooling fish

9:30 am EDT, Aug 3, 2014

On the main lake I found Brett Preuett of ULM chasing schooling fish. As I pulled up, he was bug-eyed from what he'd just seen.


"It was just stupid," he said of the 3- and 4-pound schooling fish. "I had one come off then caught another, but when I went to flip her in, she bounced off the gunnel and got off." He's got three in the box at the moment, including a good one.


Zach Parker of Bethel just pulled up and began drop shotting nearby, until another school of fish began breaking, working casting distance of him. Neither is having luck with these heart-breaking fish.

No fish yet

9:21 am EDT, Aug 3, 2014

Jake Whitaker is covering a lot of shallow water but has no fish yet.

Parker with two

7:48 am EDT, Aug 3, 2014

Zach Parker of Bethel University has boated two 2-pounders so far, and expects the action to heat up even further shortly.


"When I pulled up here, they were all sitting in 35 feet of water, but they're going to pull up here in a minute."


He said he and his partner picked their first spot but they have so many different waypoints that they may never see each other today. He noted that changing the color of his bait was key to his getting bit.


Photo by Shaye Baker

Whitaker starts the day

7:12 am EDT, Aug 3, 2014

Jake Whitaker of UNC Charlotte starts his day with Hiawassee's Bell Mountain in the background.


Whitaker heads to starting spot

7:02 am EDT, Aug 3, 2014

Practice makes perfect

3:11 pm EDT, Aug 2, 2014

Young fans hone their casting skills at the Toyota station under an overcast sky.

ULM hooked up

3:08 pm EDT, Aug 2, 2014

ULM with a 2-pounder and 3-pounder they caught schooling early this morning.

UNCC with three

11:49 am EDT, Aug 2, 2014

UNCC with three for 7 pounds. One of those is a solid 3 1/2. They're covering a lot of water and staying shallow. Looking for big largemouths. That's what they're going to need in order to overtake Bethel.

Update on the leaders

11:06 am EDT, Aug 2, 2014

Parker and Roberts are still sitting on the limit they had earlier. No upgrades since. Still working along and bouncing around to different areas.

Just like that...another good one

9:57 am EDT, Aug 2, 2014

UNC Charlotte has found their groove after a slow morning. Jake Whitaker and Andrew Helms boat another 3 pounder. That's three fish for probably 7 pounds.