live 2014 Carhartt College Series National Championship & Classic Bracket
Chatuge Reservoir - Young Harris, GA, Jul 31 - Aug 5, 2014

Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Blog

Quick bite for Lee and Powell

9:38 am EDT, Aug 3, 2013

Keeper number three for Lee and Powell, another small one. After pounding 10 piles without a bite, this one bit on the first drop. "See how fast it happens." Lee commenting on the quick bite. When they're there and they want to eat you can't keep them from getting it and getting it quick. Running and gunning for AU. Back on the move.

Rutherford goes swimming

9:24 am EDT, Aug 3, 2013

Just got word from a spectator that Rutherford went swimming this morning. Apparently he was netting Peeler's fish when his rod was snatched into the lake. Rutherford decided to go in after it and got his rod back minus the fish. That would have been something to see.

Targeting spots

9:14 am EDT, Aug 3, 2013

"I think we just need three bites," Frink said about his rat swimbait. At this rate, three bites would get them more than 15 pounds, more than most 5-fish spotted bass limits. He's probably right, as most other teams are targeting spots.

Auburn team boats two

8:59 am EDT, Aug 3, 2013

Jordan Lee and Shane Powell of Auburn have two 14 inchers.

AUM fishing productive water

8:57 am EDT, Aug 3, 2013

Frink and Nummy are making solid decisions this morning. There's a large island near the dam on Chatuge. Shooting the gap north of the island saves a couple minutes. However, some of AUM's most productive water is on the mainland side of the cut through. With a five boat flotilla and few other boats on the lake, Frink chose to run around the island. Wise move. However in about 3 hours you'll have to wait your turn to shoot that gap. This place gets crowded on a summer Saturday and the muddy water created by the boat waves could wreck AUM's rat bite. 

Frink worried about traffic

8:48 am EDT, Aug 3, 2013

Frink is worried about the bit traffic that'll be around later today. If it becomes distracting or hinders the bite, he plans on moving to more secluded areas and fishing more rocky structure rather than clay banks.

AUM running like a well-oiled machine

8:41 am EDT, Aug 3, 2013

The AUM team of Frink and Nummy runs like seeing a Swiss sewing machine in a hot oil bath. Frink is usually the only one casting the El Raton swimbait, while Nummy occasionally passes him a buzzing Skinny Dipper or Topwater. Like Nummy said yesterday, the best thing he can do is get out of the way and let Frink work the rat. Lee and Powell were fishing nearby and asked how AUM was doing, and Frink said they'd caught one. Oh, but it was 6 1/2 pounds. "I like to kind of get in their heads," Frink said with a grin.

Top 2 teams with different strategies

8:38 am EDT, Aug 3, 2013

Number 2 Lee and Powell work a dropshot in the foreground while number 1 AUM runs the bank in the background. A look at the two extremes on Chatuge this week. Big bait/swimbait pattern and the dropshot/finesse pattern. You go into a tournament hoping to survive with one and hoping to blow it out with the other. So far this morning, AUM is blowing it out with the big bait.

Word on the water

7:58 am EDT, Aug 3, 2013

Word on the water puts Young Harris at 2 small keepers.

Frink catches a giant

7:52 am EDT, Aug 3, 2013