Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Blog

WSU update

10:15 am EDT, Aug 2, 2013

Washington State with two keepers now for about 3 lbs. 

UNCC and UGA updates

10:03 am EDT, Aug 2, 2013

UNCC with 5 around 11 pounds. UGA is sitting on 2 fish.

AUM culling

10:03 am EDT, Aug 2, 2013

Auburn University at Montgomery's Tom Frink and Jacob Nummy just put a 2-pounder in the boat for a total of 11 1/2 or so. They're already culling while most teams are still searching for a limit.

EWU not panicking ... yet

9:09 am EDT, Aug 2, 2013

Nick Barr of Eastern Washington University just made the comment that not having a fish in the boat yet doesn't really bother him. They were fishless until 10:30 yesterday. They need sunlight to position their fish, and right now the sun isn't cooperating. Still a little fog on the water and some low hanging clouds, but the sun is trying to break through. If it does, EWU only needs a couple bites to stay in the top 5 and move on to tomorrow.

Young Harris update

9:07 am EDT, Aug 2, 2013

The Young Harris team of Peeler and Rutherford have two fish in the well, which might be more than any other team, based on reports we've heard. One is 4 1/2 pounds and the other barely measured.

The West is the best?

8:56 am EDT, Aug 2, 2013

Not surprised to see West coasters doing well on Chatuge this week. This lake is deep and clear and suits the two styles of fishing that West coast anglers are most familiar with, big baits and small baits. The majority of the anglers that are doing well, most from the west coast, are throwing a mix of drop shots, whacky rigs and big swimbaits. These techniques are foreign to most anglers from the South and Central divisions.

Young Harris strikes early

8:45 am EDT, Aug 2, 2013

Unofficial word on the water is that Young Harris boated a 4+ spot on Peeler's second cast. We haven't had eyes on them for an hour or so. Not sure if they put anything else in the boat yet, but planning on catching up to them as soon as I leave Eastern Washington University who are still sitting on zero at the moment.

Running with the leaders

8:33 am EDT, Aug 2, 2013

Just made as long of a run as you can make with the leaders. On our way, we passed the majority of the field. Picked up a couple spectators on the way. They broke off of the pack that was following hometown favorite Young Harris. Going to stick with the leaders a while longer.

A look at the fog delay

8:30 am EDT, Aug 2, 2013
| By Ben Ashby

A look at the fog delay earlier this morning.

Getting crowded

8:27 am EDT, Aug 2, 2013

With the leaders from Eastern Washington University this morning, and it's getting crowded in this small creek. Not sure how many boats were in here yesterday, but I know there are four competitors including the leaders in here now. Very cramped and getting more cramped by the minute as that fourth boat just arrived.