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Locking on Red River

2:33 pm EST, Mar 5, 2015



Video by Brandon Simoneaux

Cold weather, cold engine

1:29 pm EST, Mar 5, 2015

Cold mornings come with cold engines.


Update by Jordan Ogle

Conditions update

1:26 pm EST, Mar 5, 2015

A good catch

1:16 pm EST, Mar 5, 2015

Colby and Blake of Corpus Christi with a good one.

College: Sleet affecting teams' plans

12:20 pm EST, Mar 5, 2015

Reports from anglers estimate 25-30 boats locked up into Pool 4. Far fewer than anticipated. Several teams opted out of the 20 minute run up to the lock from launch at Grand Ecore in Pool 3. Not that far of a run in normal conditions but in a sleet filled 32 degree air, not exactly appealing.


But the cold alone isn't what's changing the minds of anglers we caught fish in Pool 4 in practice. It's what the cold's doing to the fishing. Most anglers who caught fish in practice on Pool 4 were doing so in a foot of water while enjoying 80 degree weather. Anglers are worried this drastic front will shut their fish down overnight. There's a good chance of that happening. Couple that with the abbreviated day due to the 2 1/2- hour weather delay, and several teams are opting immediately for Plan B or scrapping practice all together and starting over in Pool 3. 

No fish yet

12:13 pm EST, Mar 5, 2015

After a 30 minute truck ride, I launched at Red Oak on Pool 4 just in time to hear the boats coming through the lock. I've caught up with a few anglers but none have a fish yet. 

Frosty Day 1 underway

11:30 am EST, Mar 5, 2015

Update from Red River

9:40 am EST, Mar 5, 2015

Cold weather in Natchitoches

8:40 am EST, Mar 5, 2015

Video by Brandon Simoneaux and Colby Ogden

Tigers get ready

8:28 am EST, Mar 5, 2015

The LSU Tigers gear up for competition.


Update by Darrell Henson Jr.