Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Blog

Improving conditions

1:21 pm EST, Mar 6, 2015

It's getting a little better today.


Update sent by Adam Gotangco

Net problem

1:18 pm EST, Mar 6, 2015

A update from Stephen F Austin team Garret Whitley and Alec Castonguay, "Can't catch a fish but we can catch a crawfish net in the prop."

Muddying up

11:18 am EST, Mar 6, 2015

LSU is "fixing and fishing"

11:07 am EST, Mar 6, 2015

Jarod Hughes shows that LSU fishing is taking a break for an engine repair, and then getting back to it. 

Found the crowd

11:04 am EST, Mar 6, 2015

Found the boats. There were 10 at the start of the day here in the back of Sullivan's. Now there are seven though that number fluctuates as boats steadily come and go. I've spoken with five teams so far, none of which have caught a fish. One angler commented that the water temp had dropped four degrees since yesterday. The increase in boats isn't helping either. There were five in here yesterday which is still an impressive amount considering only 25 or so locked up yesterday.

Central Oklahoma on the board

10:03 am EST, Mar 6, 2015

Ramsey and Zins from University of Central Oklahoma started the day in 9th place and catch their first keeper of the morning. 

Half the college field locking up to Pool 4

9:02 am EST, Mar 6, 2015


A busy day at the Pool 4 lock on the Red River. 

Class before bass

8:23 am EST, Mar 6, 2015

LSU team member Darrell Henson shows us what makes the Carhartt College Series different- he's doing his homework after Day 1 at the Central Regional. 

Frozen trailer mishap

8:13 am EST, Mar 6, 2015

One of the college boats didn't make it to the water before it came off the trailer. The trailer was frozen from yesterday. 

ULM with a couple good ones

3:28 pm EST, Mar 5, 2015

Blake Alford and Tyler Craig of ULM with 2 good ones.