Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Blog

A welcomed addition

12:16 pm EST, Mar 7, 2015

No. 3 for Southeastern Oklahoma. Not a giant but a welcomed addition.

Keeper No. 2

11:56 am EST, Mar 7, 2015

Keeper No. 2 for Southeastern Oklahoma. Jonathan Furlong stuck what looked to be another giant before the solid keeper popped out of the water. They are keeping their heads down and grinding through the mistake of that lost fish, hoping for another opportunity. 

A big mistake

11:49 am EST, Mar 7, 2015

Not long after boating No. 1, Dwight Camp leaned into a good one. A short quick fight got the big one next to the boat. But then, the big one came off right at the boat after being sure to let Camp know it was, in fact, a good one. Rough to watch. Rougher to experience, I'm sure. 

Southeastern Oklahoma with one

11:39 am EST, Mar 7, 2015

After leaving their primary area, Southeastern Oklahoma fished a secondary spot in the jungle and remained scoreless. At 10 on the dot they announced they were headed back to their primary stretch in Sullivan's, where they quickly had a couple bites and boated their first keeper. Not a giant, but a good sign of things to come. 

Leader update

10:15 am EST, Mar 7, 2015

Setting the stage

10:00 am EST, Mar 7, 2015

At Northwestern State University getting the stage set for the final weigh-in of Carhartt Bassmaster College Series.

Starting off with the leaders

9:22 am EST, Mar 7, 2015

Starting off with the leaders from Day 2, Dwight Camp and Johnathan Furlong of Southeastern Oklahoma. For what it's worth, I watch a lot of people fish and I feel pretty good about these two catching them today. I haven't seen them fish any this week, but in the five minutes I've been here this morning, I've gotten a good vibe. First off, they're pitching to shallow wood on a particular stretch in Sullivan's on Pool 4. Very clean, precise pitches in an area that's known to produce winning weights. Secondly, they have a 3-pound lead over second after losing two 4-pound plus fish this week. Third, and most importantly, they know the limitations of their area. They aren't really expecting to get bit until the fish get active around 10 o'clock. Knowing that it's okay not to have a fish in the first 2 hours is a huge help to you psyche. This area kicked out 17 pounds yesterday including two 5-pounders. One of those companied with their 3 pound lead could be enough to ice this thing considering their two closet competitors are averaging 8-pounds per day.

The leaders head out

9:06 am EST, Mar 7, 2015

The Day 2 leaders head out on Day 3 of the 2015 Carhartt College Central Regional.

A quick spot

2:40 pm EST, Mar 6, 2015

Adam Gotangco and Zack "Puddin" Remedies catching a quick spot before locking.


Update by Darrell Henson

Still looking for number 4 and 5

2:14 pm EST, Mar 6, 2015

Josh Bensema and Matthew Mcardle  from Texas A&M University are still looking for fish number 4 and 5.