Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Blog

Menendez visits with college anglers

9:55 am EDT, Jul 31, 2013 |

Mark Menendez: The man, the myth, the legend...not on tour this year but still a factor!

From: University of Montevallo
Joe Handley and Joseph Fuller

UVU makes history

3:19 pm EDT, Jul 30, 2013 |

The team of Seth Hausman and Weston Brierley will make history for the state of Utah when they represent Utah Valley University in the Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Championship.


No team from Utah has ever qualified for this event, and this is only the second year of the club's existence, and the first year competing in B.A.S.S.


The state of Utah does not have a whole lot of bass, but the UVU bass club takes advantage of the opportunities there are and makes the most of them. Seth and Weston qualified by placing 10th at Clear Lake in California by edging out their own teammates Zach Taylor and Tate Brown to secure qualification for Lake Chatuge.


UVU bass club advisor Clinton Martinez formed the unlikely bass club in late 2011 to provide opportunities for Utah anglers, including his own two sons, to fish in college.


The team is excited to represent the State of Utah, Utah Valley University, and their fellow UVU Bass Club team members by making a statement in Georgia. There are teams out there with more experience, and teams from the West usually don’t come out East and do so well. But we feel we are prepared, and we have the right attitude to make a statement that UVU is the place in Utah when it comes to bass fishing.

A tough bite

3:14 pm EDT, Jul 30, 2013 |

Shane Powell and Jordan Lee doing some pre-tourney prep at FATZ Bar and Grill in Blairsville, Ga. It's a tough bite in here. Submitted by Jordan Lee.

Fear the spear

4:28 pm EDT, Jul 29, 2013 |

Wish I could be there to root on my teammates Cody and Charles but you can bet I'll be decked out in FSU fishing gear all week! Go 'Noles! Fear The Spear!

— Submitted by Justin Mahon

ULM finding some good spots

9:27 am EDT, Jul 29, 2013 |

ULM Fishing team is on some fat spots!


-Nick LaDart 

Heading to Young Harris

9:18 am EDT, Jul 29, 2013 |

Brad Rutherford is packed and ready to head from Lake Hartwell to Young Harris. This was taken Friday afternoon after Brad and I completed getting the boat and his tackle loaded and organized.


As a parent of a college fisherman, it has been a very exciting year. All of our family and friends have been worried about Brad and Matt making the Nationals on their “home” Lake Chatuge after they did not make the cut at the SE regionals at the Harris Chain back in January. It was a huge relief for everyone after they made the cut at the Wild Card at Lake Pickwick. I think I was more worried about them qualifying than they were.


We have a big group of family and friends headed to Young Harris for the tournament next week.


Go Mountain Lions!!!!


Bob Rutherford

Clemson ready for Chatuge!

8:34 am EDT, Jul 28, 2013 |

Thanks for the photo, Alan Horwatt!!!

Almost time...

2:30 pm EDT, Jul 26, 2013 |

Just a few more hours left in the real world before its time to check out and head "home" for the rest of the week. Can't wait to hit the road get back to Chatuge!


-Matthew Peeler

Tire trouble

1:54 pm EDT, Jul 26, 2013 |

Only 320 miles into the trip and Travis Wilson from WIU blew a tire! Hopefully that's the last of our problems!

-Jackson Grabeel

EWU Pit Stop at Watt's Bar

1:35 pm EDT, Jul 26, 2013 |

After 38 hours of straight driving, 2,500 miles, a leaking trailer hub replacement,  and a stop at Bass Pro Shops in Iowa to pick up the hard to find Storm Arashi Crankbaits. We made it to our one and only pit stop at Watt's Bar Lake. Nestled around the Smoky Mountians in Eastern Tennessee is where my co-pilot for the trip, Cy Floyd, has some family who live right on the lake.


We pulled in with just enough time to eat some food, take a power nap, and get an hour or so out on the lake before dark. I have to say what a beautiful place it is and wish I could have fished it more.


Caught one 12" Largemouth in the hour we were out there. No monster by any means but my first bass in Tennessee and just proud I was able to get a bite on my first guess when I didn't know jack squat about the lake, and have never fished east of the Mississippi. He fell to a trusty Rapala DT14 in a shad color.


Tomorrow morning I will be making the short drive across the mountains and into Lake Chatuge, GA to commence on the experience that is the "Classic" of College Fishing.


-Nick Barr