Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Blog

Zack on the board

7:19 am EDT, Aug 5, 2014

Zach Parker is on the board. On his second cast, he dragged a 1-pound spot from his magical first spot. This place is remarkable. I've got Roberts' partner Matt Roberts with me today, and he said that he believes the spot is replenishing is because there's a major creek channel that swings nearby. Fish seem to be using it as a stopoff point in deeper water. He's sitting in 40 or so feet casting to a few boat-sized brushpiles. He's throwing a Robo Worm on a drop shot rig in the prism shad color. He's now for two in the boat for roughly two pounds.

Zack Parker already has a keeper

7:06 am EDT, Aug 5, 2014

Here is Zack Parker on his way to his first stop- and as I wrote this he boated his first keeper! 

The final Bracket day begins

7:00 am EDT, Aug 5, 2014

This afternoon we will know who will be the college fisherman at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell

Little fish in a big pond

12:06 pm EDT, Aug 4, 2014

It's tough being a little fish in a big pond. This little guy narrowly escaped an attack near Brett Preuett this morning. Probably didn't live to tell about it for long. 

Checking in on Manning

10:38 am EDT, Aug 4, 2014

I've caught up with Bentley Manning of Tennessee Tech. He's going for broke with shallow water largemouth, and so far he's only got one keeper in the box, but it's heavier than 3 pounds.


He's working docks in the backs of creeks. Despite his line passenger, his opponent Brett Preuett is after smaller spotted bass, so if Manning can snag another keeper or two of the same size, he might have a shot at advancing to the final tomorrow. 

Giarla at the dam

10:09 am EDT, Aug 4, 2014

We're at the dam now with Robert Giarla who has one 2-pounder. This picture is facing in the other direction. What you don't see are pleasure boats. Today is Monday and most people are back at work. The last couple days we've seen 10 to 20 boats running around at all times. No boats muddying the water for the anglers so far this morning.

Giarla in a new area

9:08 am EDT, Aug 4, 2014

Robert Giarla is still focusing on shallow places.


Photo submitted by Robert Rutherford.

Parker goes hog hunting

8:52 am EDT, Aug 4, 2014

Zach Parker is going hog hunting. While he's still using a drop shot steadily, he's got a Lucky Craft Fat Smasher out on deck. It's a jointed swimbait that means business.


"I went to Lanier before this, and they'd swarm it. I also had a 4-pounder follow it here, but the wind wasn't blowing. If it was, he would've killed it," he says.


Parker is relaxed and confident. 

Giarla has one keeper in the boat

8:49 am EDT, Aug 4, 2014

Robert Giarla has one keeper in the boat.


Photo submitted by Robert Rutherford.

Preuett has two small keepers

8:37 am EDT, Aug 4, 2014

Brett Preuett has two small keepers. Tons of fish are schooling all around but really tough to be in range and to trick one into biting. At least cameraman Wes Miller is working all the angles.