Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Blog

A few more of these

10:30 am EDT, Jun 28, 2014

"Wish we had a few more of these. Not on much but was a good way to start the morning." - Dylan Powley, UT Martin

Mississippi State with a limit

10:24 am EDT, Jun 28, 2014

Justin Atkins and Joseph Marty of Mississippi State have a limit for about 14 pounds. They started the day in 4th, about 6 pounds back.

Catching up with the leaders

9:32 am EDT, Jun 28, 2014

I just caught up with Bethel 1, our Day 1 leaders. They were fishing the same hole Bethel 2 was fishing earlier. A couple of locals who have been rooting on the two teams said that this is where Bethel 1's big bag came from on Day 1. Both teams were throwing an oversized flutter spoon and working it hard. The spoon looks to be 10 to 12 inches long. On each cast the anglers would snatch harder than most people would when they set the hook on a fish, thus jerking the flutter spoon through the water. They'd then let it fall and go again. Looks pretty tiring.


After sending in the above, Bethel 1 got their first keeper, around 3 pounds.

Day 1 leaders struggling

8:54 am EDT, Jun 28, 2014

Receiving info from our camera guys that the Day 1 leaders from Bethel are still sitting on 0. Goes to show what this lake is capable of: if you pull up on the right spot at the right time, you can catch a mega bag quick. If you're at the right spot at the wrong time, you can have your feelings hurt. So far, it's a hurt feelings kind of morning for Bethel. Obviously there's a lot of time left to fish but most of the bigger bags were caught early yesterday. The others came in the last 30 minutes. Looks like we are starting into the lull for the day as it's nearing 8 o'clock. Hopefully we'll get a few sporadic fireworks.

Swims shows off 6-pounder

8:32 am EDT, Jun 28, 2014

UNA fishing outside takeoff

8:23 am EDT, Jun 28, 2014

Lowrance units updated at Day 2 launch

8:21 am EDT, Jun 28, 2014

Bethel just lost a giant

8:09 am EDT, Jun 28, 2014

I caught up with Ross and Swims a little further down the lake. They have two fish so far, one over 6 pounds. Reports from the boats that are following them tell me they just lost a giant.

Biggest community hole on the lake

8:06 am EDT, Jun 28, 2014

Swims and Ross for Bethel caught their 24 plus yesterday on what they deemed the biggest community hole on the lake. Looks like they were right. This is a shot of that spot today and no, Bethel is not in that mix.

UNA off to a big start

7:32 am EDT, Jun 28, 2014

UNA's Young and Lenz off to a big start. 18 in the box including a 7-pounder and 2-pounder. I mention the 2-pounder because that gives them a lot of room to cull up. Another 7 and they're in the 23-pound range. Some think that could be enough today. I haven't seen the leaders yet, though, and that 27-5 they had yesterday is going to be hard to overcome.