Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Blog

ECU's final day of practice

9:48 am EDT, Jun 2, 2015

Ronnie Moore with East Carolina University said they will certainly need more size to have a chance this week on Lake Barkley. "At least the final day of practice has started better than the previous days."

Northern Michigan finally fills limit

11:02 am EDT, May 30, 2015

Justin Brown and Brandon Bissell caught another keeper just over the 14-inch mark, took a long look at it, then tossed it back. That's keeper number three now that they've thrown back without filling their limit. Since Minnesota doesn't allow culling, they've been saving that 5th keeper slot for something a little bigger. Just a few minutes later, a 2-1/4-pounder chokes their frog and goes in the box.


"Well, time to head to Wisconsin and see if we can get rid of them."


Culling is allowed in Wisconsin so the plan now is to go fish some of their water over there in hopes of getting rid of a few of their smaller fish. They're confident in their areas over in Wisconsin top, but are forced to fish in Minnesota first if they want to fish both areas on account of the no culling rule. Very interesting.

Keeper # 5, but not really

10:46 am EDT, May 30, 2015
Northern Michigan just caught their fifth keeper of the morning, a 14-inch squeaker. After a short debate, they tossed it back in the water. Odd? Well, they're fishing in Minnesota where culling is not allowed. So if they put that fish in the box, they can go ahead and pick up the trolling motor and head out. Makes for an interesting day of fishing and complicates every decision. With four in the box of about 8-pounds, it's highly unlikely that the fish they released will cost them one of the top 13 qualifying spots.
And it's unlikely that fish would be enough to secure the win. But the question arises, what's big enough to keep at this point?
Another 2-pounder? probably not. A 4-pounder? Definitely. But what about a 3-pounder? Remember, none of their other fish can go back in the water now that they've entered the livewell. 
I just asked the guys what they're thinking about this. 
"We caught a 2-1/2-pounder right before you got here that we threw back. But at this point, we'll keep a 2-1/2-pounder if we catch it because we're running out of water." 
Wow. Some very bizarre strategy has to take place over here.

Starting Day 3 with the leaders

10:18 am EDT, May 30, 2015

Northern Michigan update

10:07 am EDT, May 30, 2015

The team that started the day in second now has three 2-pounders in the boat. Starting the day just 13-ounces back, that's not a bad start. Especially considering the tough start Winona State leaders and the third place team from Wisconsin Stevens-Point are enduring. 


The magic spot that bolstered Day 1 and 2 bags for Winona only produced one small keeper in the first hour this morning. In that amount of time yesterday, Winona had already caught 12-pounds and had started culling.  


By their own assessment, Wisconsin Stevens-Point occupies the smallest boat left in competition. Their 17-ft aluminum rig is having a hard time in the 25 MPH winds that are blistering the Mississippi River right now. Those winds have made their primary are, an exposed weed line, un-fishable 


So far, the protected sloughs that have produced for Northern Michigan all week are definitely the calmest refuge for any team in the top 3. And with 3 fish for 6-pounds, they may be only a couple 3-pound bites from winning this thing. We'll stick around for a while and see what happens.  

UWSP piles 'em up

12:45 pm EDT, May 29, 2015

Kason Morley and Ryan Pinkalla from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point show off their Day 2 keepers.

Going for the cull

11:11 am EDT, May 29, 2015

Day 1 leaders going against the grain

9:43 am EDT, May 29, 2015

Time with Western Illinois

9:42 am EDT, May 29, 2015

Spent some time with the first place team from Western Illinois this morning. So far Wes and Kit are having a slow start to their morning. Just received word that the third place team of Cade and Wyatt from Winona State have 12 pounds and are already culling this morning. So we're headed down the river now to try and catch up with Winona State. 

Western Illinois takes Day 1 lead by 2 ounces

4:33 pm EDT, May 28, 2015