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Bensema in the current

11:22 am EDT, Jul 13, 2015

Bensema update

11:20 am EDT, Jul 13, 2015

As close as possible

10:43 am EDT, Jul 13, 2015

Josh Bensema of Texas A&M has worked his way as far north as he can, fishing in the strong current coming from Lake DuBay Dam. The boat icon at the bottom of the photo shows where Bensema is now trying to win a berth to the Bassmaster Classic. The waypoint near the top of the screen is near where Besema and McArdle won the National Championship just two days ago. So far so good for Bensema. He has  two solid fish in the boat for about 5-pounds. 

Lo weighs all four fish

10:04 am EDT, Jul 13, 2015

Trevor Lo is culling now. Lo pulled all four fish out and got a weight on each one so he would know which to cull now and which should go back next. Looked like he had around 5-1/2 pounds. Lo is going up against Jake Whitaker today who has had much slower morning with only one keeper as of 8 o'clock. But these match-ups today will go down to the wire. There are several 3-to-4-pound fish to be caught here. Most anglers had a big opportunity yesterday but unfortunately squandered it including Josh Bensema who had three fish for 12-pounds on in 15 minutes and lost all of them. It's going to be an interesting day. 

Lo is culling

10:02 am EDT, Jul 13, 2015

Lo update

10:00 am EDT, Jul 13, 2015

Whitaker update

9:58 am EDT, Jul 13, 2015

Two National Champions

9:34 am EDT, Jul 13, 2015

For the first time in Carhartt Bassmaster College Series history we could see a final-round matchup between two National Champions: The 2014 National Champion Jake Whitaker (left) and 2015 National Champion Josh Bensema (right). Both will have to win their match-ups today with Trevor Lo and Tyler Rivet respectively. 

Interviewing the Final Four

9:31 am EDT, Jul 13, 2015




The Final Four head out

9:26 am EDT, Jul 13, 2015

Josh Bensema (Texas A&M), Trevor Lo (Minnesota), Tyler Rivet (Nicholls State) and Jake Whitaker (UNC Charlotte) head out for today's semi-final matchups.