Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Blog

UNA fishing outside takeoff

8:23 am EDT, Jun 28, 2014

Lowrance units updated at Day 2 launch

8:21 am EDT, Jun 28, 2014

Bethel just lost a giant

8:09 am EDT, Jun 28, 2014

I caught up with Ross and Swims a little further down the lake. They have two fish so far, one over 6 pounds. Reports from the boats that are following them tell me they just lost a giant.

Biggest community hole on the lake

8:06 am EDT, Jun 28, 2014

Swims and Ross for Bethel caught their 24 plus yesterday on what they deemed the biggest community hole on the lake. Looks like they were right. This is a shot of that spot today and no, Bethel is not in that mix.

UNA off to a big start

7:32 am EDT, Jun 28, 2014

UNA's Young and Lenz off to a big start. 18 in the box including a 7-pounder and 2-pounder. I mention the 2-pounder because that gives them a lot of room to cull up. Another 7 and they're in the 23-pound range. Some think that could be enough today. I haven't seen the leaders yet, though, and that 27-5 they had yesterday is going to be hard to overcome.

Early morning altercation

7:13 am EDT, Jun 28, 2014

Teams from AUM and Clemson vie for the same waters shortly after launch.

Ten minutes to launch

6:58 am EDT, Jun 28, 2014

ECU's Ronnie Moore and Mike Corbishley are ready for Day 2 launch.

A nice turnout at the weigh-in

7:31 pm EDT, Jun 27, 2014

Almost time!

5:21 pm EDT, Jun 27, 2014

"We made it! East Carolina team of Ronnie Moore and Mike Corbishley are parking for the weigh-in."
~ Ronnie Moore

Bethel U. finds a 7-pound beast

11:09 am EDT, Jun 27, 2014

Ross and Swims of Bethel University had about as much fun as you're legally allowed to have this morning.  They bagged a limit worth 22 pounds before 7:45 and that included this 7-plus Tennessee River stud.