Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Opens Blog

Great crowd!

7:59 pm EDT, Mar 14, 2015

The crowd at Bass Pro Shops was large and enthusiastic for the final Ross Barnett Open weigh-in.

Bishop's biggest fan

6:18 pm EDT, Mar 14, 2015

Central Open winner Gene Bishop's mother, Regina Bishop, reacts as her son's weight is called out.

Browning recaps his day

4:49 pm EDT, Mar 14, 2015

Stephen Browning is known for his "grinding it out" work ethic. That's what he did today.

Bishop looking for one big one

1:44 pm EDT, Mar 14, 2015

Bishop on a roll

12:27 pm EDT, Mar 14, 2015

Biffle swinging for the fences

12:01 pm EDT, Mar 14, 2015

We just heard that Oklahoma Elite Series veteran Tommy Biffle has two in the box. He has been the most consistent angler at Ross Barnett thus far with 13-11 on Day 1 and 17-4 on Day 2.


He started the day in third place with 30-15. Biffle claims he will be 'swinging for the fences' today to win. The 2016 Bassmaster Classic will be held at Grand Lake, Oklahoma, and Biffle would love to punch his ticket to that event today with a victory.

Common courtesy

11:49 am EDT, Mar 14, 2015

There are several spectator boats out and about today watching the Top 12. Most are being courteous save one who decided to do a little fun fishing right in front of Gene Bishop. That angler is not in this picture but he did catch and toss back a 2-pounder indicating he wasn't likely in a tournament.


Obviously, this is a public body of water and I know that angler had as much right to the fish as anyone fishing the final round of the Open today. That being said, for anyone planning to come out and watch anglers fish that might not be familiar with how all this works, it's a common courtesy not to fish near an angler competing in that tournament.


Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come out and spectate on the water. Spectators add a whole other element to the event and make the atmosphere more exciting for the anglers. The anglers would probably prefer if you just keep your rods in the rod box.

Biffle with 2

11:45 am EDT, Mar 14, 2015

Here’s a dispatch from photographer James Overstreet. He’s in hot pursuit all morning of Tommy Biffle, who just zig-zagged through a creek channel so shallow it redefined the pucker factor.


The same path taken yesterday by Overstreet through this maze came at idle speed. That’s because he careened and rolled over logs and stumps the entire route. Following Biffle today changed the speed. He ran full throttle through the same areas. Miffed, Overstreet lightheartedly mentioned the daring feat to Biffle. He came back with, well, a classic Biffle response.


“If you don’t see it then it ain’t there,” he replied.


Biffle has 2 keepers in the boat, so it’s no surprise he’s picking up the tempo of his tactics and presentation. He’s fishing farther out than most of the field, preferring to target staging fish.

Swings and misses

11:43 am EDT, Mar 14, 2015

Brent Chapman spots one and goes on point. Unfortunately, he only had a couple swings and misses to show for it. 

Chapman on the board

11:37 am EDT, Mar 14, 2015

Brent Chapman on the board with one small keeper.