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More photos from yesterday's action

10:00 am EDT, Sep 13, 2013

Ken Golub says he may have to actually clean the RV today

9:55 am EDT, Sep 13, 2013

Jamey Caldwell checking out equipment after a rocky Day One

9:50 am EDT, Sep 13, 2013

Wayne Hauser is chillin'

9:43 am EDT, Sep 13, 2013

Wayne Hauser is relaxing today and getting ready for tomorrow. 

Time for some TV

9:40 am EDT, Sep 13, 2013

When Day Two is cancelled, Elite Series pro Chip Porche' and Steve Mui watch some quality television.

Cancelled day

9:29 am EDT, Sep 13, 2013

Jarvis Ellis shows how he's spending the cancelled day.

Charlie Hartley photos

9:26 am EDT, Sep 13, 2013

Russ Chargualaf sent in these photos of Charlie Hartley on Erie from yesterday. Very nice work, Russ!

The north wind has arrived

9:06 am EDT, Sep 13, 2013

The photo below was taken from my hotel room balcony, looks like the cancellation was a wise move by B.A.S.S. Senior Tournament Manager, Chris Bowes. 

The last check of a buoy located on Lake Erie showed north winds at 29 miles per hour, gusting to 35.

 During yesterdays weigh in, several anglers voiced their approval for the prospects of a day off, including tournament leader Mike Iaconelli. Iaconelli said his spine could use the rest from a very rough boat road across the lake yesterday.

 If you ask any local they'll tell you, a north wind on Erie is not a wind you want to challenge. I'm with Ike and Chris spine says thank you. 

Day Two on Erie cancelled

9:59 pm EDT, Sep 12, 2013

Tournament director Chris Bowes just sent out a mass email to the anglers:


Due to a daybreak forecast of north winds of 15-25 MPH and wave heights 5-7 ft., Day 2 of the BPS Bassmaster Open is postponed until Sat. A full field will fish on Sat. Same day 2 partners. Tournament waters are off limits tomorrow.


These conditions are unsafe for Lake Erie, and in the interest of safety postponement was the best decision.


This means:


1.       Full field on Saturday

2.       No Bass Pro Shops weigh-in

3.       Lakeside weigh-in at Selby Street boat ramp at 3 p.m. Saturday

4.       Champion crowned on Saturday after two competition days

Erie: It's a bronzeback bass bonanza

10:09 am EDT, Sep 12, 2013

We are in the middle of a bronzeback bass bonanza. Pelee Island is THE happening place. As predicted it's where the action is and so are the boats. Everyone is catching fish. Pros and co-anglers. And everyone is targeting one specific, massive shoal. 


The setup goes something like this. Position boat upwind of shoal. Drift downwind across shoal. Fish on! Then repeat.  


It's close-range action. Boats are occasionally bumping into each other on the drifts. But nobody really seems to care. Why should they? They're on top of one of the most productive smallmouth spots on Lake Erie. And everyone knows it. When the wind comes it's over. 


Right now it's the perfect cross wind for the way this shoal sets up for the best fishing. And the rest of the prevailing conditions couldn't be any better. It's still pre-frontal conditions and the fish seem to know it. The main front doesn't come through until later this afternoon so the cloud cover should remain. 


You'll most definitely want to check out James Overstreet's on the water gallery later today to see all of this.