2015 Bass Pro Shops Central Open #3 presented by Allstate
Table Rock Lake - Branson, MO, Oct 1 - 3, 2015

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12:50 pm EST, Jan 17, 2015

I left Mcmillan and took a 30 minute tour of Kissimmee Lake in hopes of finding Bobby Lane but no such luck. I just pulled back up on McMillan who hasn't had a bite since I left. Tough fishing today for sure. Auten has closed in on McMillan but neither have a big bag as of right now. McMillan sits around 9 pounds and Auten at about 11 has the two in a virtual tie. One big bite for either of those two will make a big difference right now. Bobby Lane may make that battle a null issue before the days out. The door is certainly open. 

Stuck in the stem

12:45 pm EST, Jan 17, 2015

Todd Auten leans into a fish around some lilypads and after a brief fight it comes off.


"That's why I hate lilypads," said Auten. "They manage to get you stuck when a fish is on."


He just culled his smallest and added about a pound with that cull. A solid 12-13 pound bag. Still needs a real big one, but he is fishing a place he hasn't all week and has had a few bites in the last few minutes.

His co-angler also boated a keeper that now gives him a three fish limit.

Auten has a limit

12:13 pm EST, Jan 17, 2015

Todd Auten has his limit as he just landed a 3 pounder.

"I have about 11-12 pounds now," said Auten. "I need to cull one more fish to feel good."

Lockin' with Auten

11:52 am EST, Jan 17, 2015

Caught up with Auten and we are headed back to Toho. Hard to tell the standings, but if Mcmillan has 7-8 and Auten has 8-9 then it'll be close. Auten also only has 4 fish.


"One more good one and I'll feel a whole lot better," said the South Carolina pro.


Bobby Lane came on strong yesterday so he is also in the mix. He was about 3 3/4 behind Mcmillan and 1 3/4 behind Auten.

Swindle with 4

11:36 am EST, Jan 17, 2015

Saw Gerald Swindle fishing in Cypress. He has 4 fish for about 10 pounds. Couldn't get to his first area because of local anglers were fishing there. Instead of being a jerk, Swindle scrapped his first spot and just went fishing in some other areas.

"The fish seem to be turning on lately," said Swindle. "Just need a big bite."

Checking in with Rocamora

11:21 am EST, Jan 17, 2015

Garrett Rocamora has 3 for 8 pounds total. 


11:18 am EST, Jan 17, 2015

McMillan had bailed on his primary jig/pad area with a small limit for 7 pounds. He's scrambled a bit, picked up a senko for a few casts, pitched the jig around a little more and then said, "Let's move. Time to pick up a flpping stick. I could be done in 15 minutes." If he stumbles into a wad of them, things could get right in a hurry. 

Slow start

10:57 am EST, Jan 17, 2015

Tough start for Trevor Fitzgerald and Brad Knight. Fitzgerald has 4 small keepers and Knight has one for 2 pounds. 

Auten searching for big bite

10:54 am EST, Jan 17, 2015

Out comes the flipping stick for Todd Auten. He needs one more fish to round out his limit and what better way to get a kicker than flipping thick mats. He has a big rod, big line and a big weight as he looks for a big bite.

Tempers flare at Toho

10:50 am EST, Jan 17, 2015

We got word this morning of an altercation between two competitors at the lock on the south end of Lake Toho. Reportedly Keith Poche bumped into Ish Monroe’s boat in the lock. A scuffle broke out and both anglers ended up in the water. According to eyewitnesses, other competitors fished Monroe and Poche out of the water. Tournament officials are investigating. 


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