Bass Pro Shops Northern Open #3 presented by Allstate
Lake St. Clair - Detroit, MI, Sep 4 - 6, 2014

Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Opens Blog

Chris Bowes and James Overstreet on the job

8:14 am EDT, Sep 19, 2013

Just another day at the office for Tournament Director Chris Bowes and photographer James Overstreet.

Boats line up and get ready for take-off

8:12 am EDT, Sep 19, 2013

A little wind and a full moon

8:06 am EDT, Sep 19, 2013

A little wind and a full moon at the Port of Muskogee this morning. Glad to be fishing one of these things for a change!

Good morning from Muskogee

7:58 am EDT, Sep 19, 2013

The Bass Pro Shops Central Open #2 is getting started. The TowBoat U.S.  is ready to go. 

Animated: Setting up the Opens stage

2:57 pm EDT, Sep 17, 2013

Ike with four big ones in the box

11:24 am EDT, Sep 14, 2013

Ike catches a 6-pounder

11:21 am EDT, Sep 14, 2013

24 pounds and a case of cotton mouth

10:47 am EDT, Sep 14, 2013

Ike has five fish in the box for a total estimated weight of 24 pounds. It's topped off with a 6-pounder. We just watched him catch it. Needless to say, he  "went Ike" on us. I got it on BASScam. Stay tuned for that one.

He's charged up as usual. A scream with every fish. Maybe it's a rally cry.

Ike just said he's got cotton mouth so bad he could make a Kenny Rogers sweater from what's in his mouth.

What a morning.

From a tournament manager's perspective...

10:43 am EDT, Sep 14, 2013

I’m ecstatic that we were able to get a second day of competition in at the Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Northern Open on Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio.


Great Lakes fisheries bring us giant bags of smallmouth bass, vast fisheries and often challenging weather that can take a toll on equipment and competitors alike. As tournament managers and directors, we are often faced with making decisions that affect the competition. None more so than the decision to cancel a day. That literally has an impact on the entire field and not one that is easily made or taken lightly. But we must take into account the safety of the competitors and what is in the best interest of the majority of the field. I firmly feel B.A.S.S. was right on track yesterday when we decided to cancel the day and roll the full field into today’s final competition day.


I personally want to thank all the anglers for their support, professionalism and understanding as we worked through the inconvenience that Mother Nature dealt us yesterday. I truly feel blessed to work with so many great individuals and “top-notch” anglers.


Looking forward to a tremendous final day weigh-in at the Shelby Street Boat Ramp in Sandusky beginning at 3 pm. This is a world-class trophy fishery and more than worthy of being part of any tournament schedule. Today we crown a champion and likely award another 2014 Classic spot. Life is good.

Iaconelli drop shotting in calm winds

9:18 am EDT, Sep 14, 2013

James Overstreet and I are on Ike. It's an awesome morning. The wind is calm. So calm you can hear the clang of a nearby buoy.

We're just north of one of the Bass islands. Here's the setup. Marker buoy is out. Ike is drop shotting and has the place to himself.

Marker buoy out and we're on the move. We'll follow him. Stay tuned.