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Time well spent

9:27 pm EDT, Sep 13, 2013

Whitney Stephens spent his day off waterfowl hunting! Hey, the water was off limits, not the fowl, right?

Don't keep her waiting

9:04 pm EDT, Sep 13, 2013

Stefanie Pauley says, "Gear ready. Just waiting on a pro to pick me up!"


Now you'll have thirty volunteers, Stefanie. You're welcome.

For the game and the title ...

8:24 pm EDT, Sep 13, 2013

Do you think JP put this one in the hole?

Cornhole Championships progressing nicely

2:55 pm EDT, Sep 13, 2013

Dave Lefebre reports that the Cornhole Championships are going fine and says anyone who is registered in the Open is free to register for it. Elite pro Chad Pipkens appears to take him up on the offer. 

Busy day off

2:23 pm EDT, Sep 13, 2013

Well what do I do on a day off of tournament? Many times I work on lure orders for my company Provider Tackle.  Today, Scott Canterbury and myself went and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel, went to Lake Erie to look at the mess, did some laundry and now are at the Cornhole world Classic with fellow anglers. Looking forward to a nice Lake Erie Perch dinner.

Tom Stark and co angler Dustin Shepherd eating lunch at Daly's Pub

2:20 pm EDT, Sep 13, 2013

Bass Pro Shops must be out of tackle by now?

2:15 pm EDT, Sep 13, 2013

It seems as if every Opens angler is going by there on this day off! 

Jesse Schultz doing some sightseeing

1:44 pm EDT, Sep 13, 2013

Sight seeing on the shores of Lake Erie with Mom and girlfriend, Emily, who made the drive up from Indiana last night. Awesome to have such great support!

Jamey Caldwell staying awake with some coffee

1:42 pm EDT, Sep 13, 2013

Joe Burchill had a rough Day One, gets ready for tomorrow

1:30 pm EDT, Sep 13, 2013

After spearing a wave on Day One that Derek Remitz described as the the worst of his career, drying out tackle, especially dropshot baits, is a part of this co-anglers day off, along with explaining to fishing buddies back in MA about how I managed to only bring one fish to the scales on Day One.