Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Opens Blog

Dave Lefebre may have the best idea

1:24 pm EDT, Sep 13, 2013 |

What do bass pros do when a tournament day gets cancelled? The Cornhole World Championship at the KOA begins in exactly 30 minutes.

Ashley Bishop headed in for tackle

1:22 pm EDT, Sep 13, 2013 |

This is what Ashley Bishop does when the day is cancelled...stock up on drop shot weights.

At least we can bowl!

1:21 pm EDT, Sep 13, 2013 |

Chris Van Vliet checks in: With Day Two of the Lake Erie Northern Open postponed, Aaron Anders and I (who are both fishing as co-anglers) have spent the day at the hotel fishing (in the pool) and bowling. Looking forward to being back on the water tomorrow. We are bored to tears!

Aaron on the left, Chris on the right.


Cleaning up

1:16 pm EDT, Sep 13, 2013 |

Patrick Pierce checks in: Hanging out at Taylor's Resort,  washing up the StarTron truck, and getting ready for Saturday.  Don't forget to check out the Star brite/StarTron booth at weigh in tomorrow, factory reps will be there to answer all your ethanol and boat care questions.

Joe and Mike hit the road to Bass Pro Shops

11:25 am EDT, Sep 13, 2013 |

Headed to Bass Pro Shops in Rossford, Ohio to kill time and get some needed tackle. Mike Kiester and Joe Bedra.

RV cleanup complete!

11:22 am EDT, Sep 13, 2013 |

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Ken Golub has cleaned his RV. See the "before" image below.

When asked about this development, Ken stated "Only issue now it that my wife knows I know HOW to pick up after myself."

Laundry time!

11:19 am EDT, Sep 13, 2013 |

Hullspeed pros Skip Johnson and RC Cooper take advantage of the day off to catch up on laundry that piles up from life on the road.

Breakfast at the Cracker Barrel

11:17 am EDT, Sep 13, 2013 |

Greg DiPalma at Cracker Barrel now has a day off. Kelly Pratt , Darin Doll and a few others eating there too. Photos by John Malzahn, pictured below enjoying some coffee. 

Seeing the sights

11:11 am EDT, Sep 13, 2013 |

Boo Woods and son at Africa Safari in Port Clinton feeding animals

Take in a movie?

11:07 am EDT, Sep 13, 2013 |

Co-anglers Dave Davenport, Marcus Barr and Josh Barr will spend their cancelled day getting tackle ready, going to the Bass Pro Shops in Rossford and will probably go to the movie theater to watch a movie today.