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Young with a limit

1:19 pm EST, Feb 8, 2014

Andrew Young has a limit.

Young has four, including a big one

12:53 pm EST, Feb 8, 2014

Andrew Young has four and just landed this one. Photo: Greg Mansfield

One fish

11:17 am EST, Feb 8, 2014

It's 10 a.m. and Randy Allen just boated his first fish. It's in the livewell. A keeper-size bass.


He's fishing a secondary point with the Alabama Rig. It's nothing unusual, just a typical textbook area for fish staging here during this time of the year.


Here's an interesting scenario about the warm-up. There are only 12 pro anglers, but all of them have until 3:30 to fish. So this could play well into the late bite for everyone and make the ending a mystery until the end.


We'd sure like to know what everyone else is doing. Stephen Browning is always a threat and he's got his mind and attitude wrapped around this place.


And how about that beauty posted below and caught this morning by Carl Jocumsen?

Goose egg

10:52 am EST, Feb 8, 2014

We've left the pocket and started what appears to be a milk run on long, main-lake points.


Randy Allen tells us he's going to hit these textbook prespawn staging areas. He'll keep doing so until he eventually winds up at his primary spot.


We're not sure yet if this is all a modified plan, as in the "primary" spot heating up later in the day. If yesterday is any indication, it's likely to be the case.


He's still throwing the Alabama rig.

Jocumsen boats a big one

10:41 am EST, Feb 8, 2014

Carl Jocumsen's first fish on this slow morning is a giant.

Slow go

10:14 am EST, Feb 8, 2014

Even with all of this bait the action is slow for Randy Allen. No fish in the boat. Not even a strike on the trusty Alabama Rig.


Water temperature back here is 49 degrees. That's about the prevailing temperature in most places we've been to this week.


Even so, this is an amazing lake. The water clarity back here is unbelievable. What's also unbelievable is what this place will be like when the water temperature breaks 60 degrees.

Allen fishing shallow

9:30 am EST, Feb 8, 2014

We've pulled up on leader Randy Allen. He's back in a pocket off the main lake. That's unusual because most of the action up until now has taken place out on the main lake. Points. Offshore. Nothing this shallow.


He also called an audible on us. Good thing we followed him instead of inquiring ahead of time. This is an unplanned stop but could pay off big.


Bait is everywhere. Birds are circling overhead. Fish are boiling.


Our local boat driver says he's not seen this type of setup in some time.


Not surprisingly, with all of the bait in this pocket Allen is casting an umbrella rig.

Lined up and ready

8:36 am EST, Feb 8, 2014

T-Roy Broussard prepares to launch

8:35 am EST, Feb 8, 2014

Seeing them off

8:33 am EST, Feb 8, 2014