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Ott has one in practice

11:05 am EST, Jan 12, 2015
| By Ott DeFoe

Ole Miss play card features Opens logo

10:01 am EDT, Oct 6, 2014

Someone on the Ole Miss sideline is a fan of Bassmaster. That's the only logical conclusion after many B.A.S.S. staff, including Tournament Director and lifelong Alabama fan Trip Weldon, saw the logo for the Bassmaster Opens used on a play card during Saturday's Ole Miss vs. Alabama game. Much to Trip's horror, Ole Miss found a way to upset the #1 team in the nation.  Trip says his coworker Chris Bowes, who manages the Opens series, may be to blame. 


"Looks like B.A.S.S. Senior Tournament manager Chris Bowes was doing double duty Saturday.  Weighing day three catches at final Southern Open and play calling in Ole Miss – Bama game." 


In case you were wondering, the play resulted in a nice running gain for the Rebels. 


UPDATE: It appears we now know why Ole Miss is using the Opens logo. Check out the latest tweet from Ole Miss Head Coach Hugh Freeze:

And the winner is?

3:23 pm EDT, Oct 4, 2014

All 12 Southern Open finalists checked in on time at Blythe Landing, and all the boats are on the trailers, prepared for the drive to Bass Pro Shops.


Here's my best guess on how things are going to shake out:


- David Williams will probably drop out of the lead. He has only 3 fish.


-  Either Andy Montgomery or Rich Howes will win this tournament, and it will be close. Howes probably caught 'em better than anyone else today, but Montgomery led him by 3 pounds, 2 ounces after Friday.


- There will be a lot of movement up and down the standings below second place.


Again, this is just a guess. The weigh-in begins at 4 p.m.

Lee has two

2:42 pm EDT, Oct 4, 2014
We're back in the cove where the take-out site is located, Blythe Landing. Jordan Lee is fishing until the last minute. He's got two keepers.
The only person we know of who has caught a limit today is Andy Montgomery, but there's plenty of people we haven't seen.

Williams has two; it's tough out here

2:27 pm EDT, Oct 4, 2014
We've had to stop for gas, then go on the great Southern Open angler search, and we've finally found one - David Williams, outside the mouth of Little Creek. If he's any indication, it's been extremely tough today. Williams has two fish.
"They've left me," he said. "I can't get bit. I guess it's just post cold front. I don't know what else it could be."
Oh, and as to an earlier blog post about watching some pro football today, during our gas stop I discovered it's Saturday, and Mississippi State is kicking Texas A&M's tails in Starkville.
The four-day, finishing-on-Sunday Elite Series format is my usual gig, so I fell into the old habit of assuming.

Team Toyota and Carhartt

2:24 pm EDT, Oct 4, 2014

Jamie and Vivian of Dynamic Sponsorships are two of the hardest working people on the Bassmaster Tournament Trail. The partnership B.A.S.S shares with all our sponsors and their activation teams is what makes our events so successful.

Conditions favor Montgomery

1:45 pm EDT, Oct 4, 2014

I don’t know how much weight Elite Series pro Andy Montgomery has in his livewell, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s leading. Montgomery was my pick to win the Norman Open before the tournament began.


I picked Montgomery because he is the best dock fisherman I’ve ever seen. I once spent a few hours in his boat during a Strike King media event. Strike King is one of Montgomery’s sponsors.


That’s when I watched Montgomery fish a long row of floating docks. Each slip harbored a big houseboat or pontoon boat.


The opening between each boat and its dock was maybe 12 inches. The other targets were the low, narrow openings between the outboards and the pontoons on the pontoon boats.


Montgomery casually fished his way down the docks, skipping a chattering jig 20 feet or more under every pontoon boat and into the narrow space between the houseboats and their docks.


He never careened the bait off a dock, boat or motor, or pinged a pontoon. It was easy for him. I stopped fishing and watched him in absolute awe.


Since docks are a primary bass cover at Norman, this lake is right in Montgomery’s wheelhouse. And, today’s sunny conditions should push some of Norman’s bass far under the docks and into the darkest shade. That’s right where Montgomery wants them.

Cherry boats a bass

12:15 pm EDT, Oct 4, 2014
Hank Cherry just warmed my cold, cold heart by catching a 2 1/4-pound bass. It's not what he needs today, but it's encouraging.
"I've still got time, if they'll just cooperate," said Cherry, after landing the fish that was spitting up threadfin shad.
Lack of cooperation hurt Cherry just a few minutes ago when "a big one" followed his jig to the boat. Cherry dropped his lure back to the bass, which he could see had only the jig trailer in its mouth - no hook. And that was as close as he'd get to catching it.

Dereliction of duty is tempting

12:12 pm EDT, Oct 4, 2014
While following Hank Cherry under the Highway 150 bridge, the derelict in me was greatly tempted by the Pinnacle Marina "Grill, Billards" sign. For those who don't know, "freelance writer" is just a fancy term for "derelict."
A couple of cold ones and some pro football, man, I'm trying not to think about it.
We're going to hang with Hank for at least one more stop. He's moved into Stumpy Creek now.
The idea of boating back down the white-capping lake in search of David Williams, Andy Montgomery or Chad Morgenthaler isn't all that appealing right now.
I try not to root for anyone in these events. It's unprofessional. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't rooting for Cherry to start catching them now, for my sake more than his. If we can just hang out here awhile longer, I might yield to my instincts.

Prince has more foes than friends today

11:40 am EDT, Oct 4, 2014
Now that his Bassmaster Classic fate is out of his hands, Cliff Prince must sit and wait for the results today from Lake Norman. He has more foes than friends in the 12-man final.
Prince is the "bubble boy" in the Elite Series points standings. If someone who has already qualified for the Classic or can't qualify for the Classic wins this tournament, Prince will be in. That list includes at least four: Andy Montgomery, Chad Morgenthaler, Cliff Pace and Ron Farrows.
Prince's foes number at least seven: David Williams, Rich Howes, Shane Lehew, Jordan Lee, Hank Cherry, Greg Vinson and Shane Lineberger.
If any of those seven win, Prince will be bumped out of the Classic.
I'm not certain about one: Drew Montgomery. I don't know whether he has fished the previous two Southern Opens.