live Bass Pro Shops Northern Open #2 presented by Allstate
Lake Champlain - Plattsburgh, NY, Jul 31 - Aug 2, 2014

Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Opens Blog

Doug Vahrenberg

9:24 am EST, Feb 5, 2014

"Hot Texas fishing"

Sammy Burks

9:22 am EST, Feb 5, 2014

Dave Padgett

9:20 am EST, Feb 5, 2014

"Cold but happy"

The gar that ate all the bass!

9:18 am EST, Feb 5, 2014

More practice shots

9:16 am EST, Feb 5, 2014

Sometimes we get photos from our anglers with no names attached. Here's a collection of them from yesterday's practice. If you sent these in, next time let us know your name!


UPDATE: Zack Fogle has been ID'ed in the bottom photo. Nice bass, Zack! 

Kurt Dove practicing

9:13 am EST, Feb 5, 2014

Photo by Destin DeMarion.

Tuesday's sunset on Amistad

9:10 am EST, Feb 5, 2014

With the winter forecast for tourney day Thursday the sunset this Tuesday evening might be the last time we see the sun and warm temps for a few days it was 70 degrees today
-Debra Hengst Pro Angler

Practice photos

6:30 pm EST, Feb 4, 2014

Brian Ankrum sent these in from practice on Amistad. Despite reports of it being tough going, he seems to have found some fish. 


6:28 pm EST, Feb 4, 2014

Low may be a word thrown around a lot at this weeks Bass Pro Shops Bassmater Central Open presented by Allstate. Low water, low temperatures and low weights. The only thing that might be high, are the winds. They are predicted to blow 10-20 mph each day. The anglers are going to be tested this week.

Father and son

2:34 pm EST, Jan 25, 2014

A father and son pose with a lunker at the Allstate booth. Photo: Chris Bork