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McClelland leads

6:48 pm EDT, Mar 12, 2015

Mike McClelland just took the lead with 23-5. 

Kevin Short ("K-pink") on his 22-pound bag

6:48 pm EDT, Mar 12, 2015

Preuett takes midpoint lead

5:28 pm EDT, Mar 12, 2015

Brett Preuett takes the lead halfway through the Day 1 weigh-in at the Central Open on Ross Barnett. 

Somebody's got to catch 'em

1:05 pm EDT, Mar 12, 2015

Obviously, at the end of the day somebody's leading every tournament no matter how tough the bite was (or supposedly was) during practice. Lots of anglers were singing the blues at registration last night. 'I only had one bite yesterday' or 'This place is whooping my butt.' But for every 25 or 30 of those guys, there's a guy sitting quietly just waiting for the tournament to start. Those are the ones you gotta look out for. 


Pair those sleepers with ever improving conditions, and somebody's gonna catch them today.  Big. There were a few whispers of big bags being caught during practice. Single big fish more than anything because anglers seldom sat on areas or stuck with patterns after catching a good one. 


The weather today, nice and overcast. A little drizzle here and there but nothing major. Several storms passed through earlier this week though. The last week's worth of nightly lows have been warm and rising into the 50's. When you get 50 degree nights and warm rains in March, the water temps jump like they have here. The water temp is currently 55 degrees. To me, 52 degrees has always been the magic number. When the water temp crosses that threshold, the big females move up for one last feeding session before jumping on the bed. With big shallow sticks like Tommy Biffle and Greg Hackney here and every local on the prowl, somebody's gonna connect with a wad of big ones up shallow today. 

Wheeler on the move

12:53 pm EDT, Mar 12, 2015

Jacob Wheeler is on the move and in search of an open fishing hole. Wheeler made a pass through the congested pad stem flat and decided to keep on rolling. 

Barnett catches one

12:08 pm EDT, Mar 12, 2015

Scott Barnett boats a small fish and is making some culling decisions right now. 

Bouncing back

11:59 am EDT, Mar 12, 2015

Jordan Lee fires a cast out, looking to bounce back after a missed opportunity. "Ah, this is the best day I've had out here. It's been tough. I had two bites Monday and two bites Tuesday. Finally started getting a little better yesterday." 

Jordan Lee loses No. 5

11:57 am EDT, Mar 12, 2015

Elite Series rookie Jordan Lee loads up on what would be No. 5. Unfortunately, this one gets bogged down in the pad stems and comes unbuttoned. "Felt like a good 'un." A good one would go well with the four 2-1/2 pounders that Jordan already has in the well. 

The crowd is casting

11:55 am EDT, Mar 12, 2015

Quite the crowd this morning near the Highway 43 bridge. Although all these boats are fishing in close proximity, they're all doing their own thing. Some are fishing pad stem patches while others work the ditches in-between the patches. Lots of casting and a little catching. 

No luck this morning

11:52 am EDT, Mar 12, 2015

Taylor Ramey working to get a bite. No luck so far this morning.