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Smith Lake's aquatic plants

12:19 pm EST, Mar 5, 2014

I was searching for aquatic plants on Smith Lake and located two submersed aquatic algae, Stonewort ( Nitella spp.) and one that resembled Spirogyra spp.  Both make up the basis for the food web, with Nitella being most famous for its name "shrimp grass."

The unknowns

12:15 pm EST, Mar 5, 2014

Sometimes Opens anglers send in pictures with no names attached. We celebrate the following anglers as The Unknowns. If you send us something, remember to tell us who you are! Unless you are Kevin VanDam. We know what Kevin looks like. 

Bigworm finds a spot

12:10 pm EST, Mar 5, 2014

Bigworm Ludwig found a nice one in practice. 

Russ Lane found one in practice

12:07 pm EST, Mar 5, 2014

Charlie Hartley's magnum spot

12:06 pm EST, Mar 5, 2014

Jason Stodder's practice bass

12:03 pm EST, Mar 5, 2014

Matt Lee pretty happy with this practice bass

12:01 pm EST, Mar 5, 2014

Matt Lee says even a blind squirrel finds a nut. Maybe we just found a new nickname for Matt as well. 

Jesse's girl

4:14 pm EST, Mar 4, 2014

Photo courtesy of Jesse Tacoronte.

Smith Lake sow bellies

4:13 pm EST, Mar 4, 2014

If you see fish schooling on Smith Lake, don't stop. These sow bellies will try to take your stuff away from you. 

Cold day catch for Sambo Fish

12:24 pm EST, Mar 4, 2014