Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Opens Blog

In the thick of things

9:50 am EDT, Mar 14, 2015

The final day begins

8:56 am EDT, Mar 14, 2015

The work is done and now it’s time for more. The anglers head out on Ross Barnett for the final day.

Through the eye of a GoPro

8:54 am EDT, Mar 14, 2015

Another got-to-have is a GoPro. Shaye Baker mounts this one on the console of Tommy Biffle's boat.

Morning serenade

8:52 am EDT, Mar 14, 2015

Here’s another essential for the take-off. It’s the sound system that serenades the anglers out of the dock.


8:50 am EDT, Mar 14, 2015

Two must-haves for a tournament launch are here. Those are a cup of coffee and a countdown clock.

Preparing for take-off

8:33 am EDT, Mar 14, 2015

Brent Chapman and the rest of the top 12 pros and cos prepare for take-off.

Follow the rainbow

10:21 pm EDT, Mar 13, 2015

Photo 1 shows how rough the water got. This competitor is loading his boat at the ramp to weigh in.


Photo 2 is of the rainbow that popped out briefly between rainstorms during the Day 2 weigh-in.

Day 2 behind the scenes at Ross Barnett

9:39 pm EDT, Mar 13, 2015

Behind the scenes at the Bass Pro Shops Central #1 presented by Allstate high weinds and rough water made it tough to trailer the boats as the angelers made their way to weigh in on Day 2

Rez was rough on the anglers today

9:06 pm EDT, Mar 13, 2015

Rough water on Day 2 on Ross Barnett 

Blue tarp canoe?

7:40 pm EDT, Mar 13, 2015