Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Opens Blog


6:28 pm EST, Feb 4, 2014 |

Low may be a word thrown around a lot at this weeks Bass Pro Shops Bassmater Central Open presented by Allstate. Low water, low temperatures and low weights. The only thing that might be high, are the winds. They are predicted to blow 10-20 mph each day. The anglers are going to be tested this week.

Father and son

2:34 pm EST, Jan 25, 2014 |

A father and son pose with a lunker at the Allstate booth. Photo: Chris Bork

On the cover of Bassmaster

2:21 pm EST, Jan 25, 2014 |

Fans can get their picture on the cover of Bassmaster at the Allstate booth. Photo: Chris Bork

Fans ready for weigh-in

2:17 pm EST, Jan 25, 2014 |

Fans get ready for the final day weigh-in at Bass Pro Shops in Orlando, Fla. Photo: Chris Bork

Soles with bookends

10:50 am EST, Jan 25, 2014 |

Van Soles boats a nice pair of Toho largemouth to stay in the hunt.

Cloud has four

10:33 am EST, Jan 25, 2014 |

Three in the boat

10:12 am EST, Jan 25, 2014 |

Good karma is when you peel off two layers of clothes.


It's warming up, and so is the fishing for Jeff Cloud.


He's just landed a third keeper.

Two for Cloud

9:53 am EST, Jan 25, 2014 |

"That's what I'm talking about."


Words spoken by Jeff Cloud as the sun finally appeared just moments ago.


And moments later he boated a second keeper.


We'll take both. Sun and bass. The more of the latter he catches the sooner we can head to Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, with a short stop on the way for a Cuban sandwich.

One for Cloud

9:25 am EST, Jan 25, 2014 |

We've moved with Cloud and he's boated his first keeper.


It's another weedy flat across the lake with 5 feet of water. He's moved inside a grassline.


It looks like he's fishing with a Yo-Zuri Rattl'n Vibe.


Weather change. Clouds are breaking and there's now a light breeze.

Ducks and bass

8:24 am EST, Jan 25, 2014 |

We have arrived at Jeff Cloud's spot. No fish yet, but the duck hunters around him are going at it with success.


The rain has moved out, leaving overcast skies and a calm wind.


We're watching him cast a lipless crankbait across a weedy flat. He tells us the fish are "slapping at it." He didn't catch his first keeper yesterday until 11 a.m.


I'm chuckling at Overstreet. He's wanting to be in the duck blind with the guys near us. Call it the Arkansas duck itch, I guess.