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A limit at last

2:38 pm EDT, Oct 24, 2015

A limit at last for McMillan.


"Now I need an eight!" he shouted.

No. 4 for McMillan

2:32 pm EDT, Oct 24, 2015

Bass No. 4 just came into the boat for McMillan. He's working hard on his last-minute heroics.

Feeling the pressure

2:13 pm EDT, Oct 24, 2015

Time is running out and McMillan is feeling the pressure. He is working his way up the Flint River to Bainbridge, jumping from grass bed to grass bed.

McMillan boats No. 3

2:00 pm EDT, Oct 24, 2015

McMillan just caught his third bass. He is bearing down with his flippin' stick.


He is currently working his sixth spot of the day.

Dry spell over

12:39 pm EDT, Oct 24, 2015

The dry spell is finally over for McMillan. He snaps his rod up and hooks a bass. It buries in the grass and McMillan has to dig it out by hand.


"I never caught a 2-pounder that made me so happy," McMillan said as he unhooked the bass.

Calling an audible

11:33 am EDT, Oct 24, 2015

McMillan just called an audible. After striking out in his second area, he said, "I'm done here. I've got to get a limit."


He made a run into Spring Creek where he continues to punch thick grass with a long, stout flippin' rod and a soft plastic creature bait with a heavy weight.


The 3:30 check in for the Top 12 anglers today may make for lighter catches than on Thursday and Friday. On the previous two days, in which the 166-boat field was spread out over 10 flights, some of the anglers checked in as late as 5:45. Many of the bigger bass this week were caught after 3:30, including some of the bass that McMillan brought to the scales.


McMillan's co-angler just caught his third small keeper, which is a co-angler limit.

A blessing or a curse

10:33 am EDT, Oct 24, 2015

The hydrilla gnats were beginning to show up this morning while it was still calm. Now a nice breeze has kicked up to blow them away. The breeze is a catch 22. It keeps the gnats away, but it makes it harder to see clumps of grass beneath the surface that are "hidey holes" for big bass.

McMillan makes a move

10:16 am EDT, Oct 24, 2015

After a long lull, McMillan runs a mile or so to try his luck at another spot. He appears unconcerned. His bigger bass yesterday bit in the afternoon. This was true with several of anglers who made the Top 12 cut.

Swing and miss for McMillan

10:15 am EDT, Oct 24, 2015

Brandon McMillan swings and misses. A few pitches later he sets the hook and swings aboard a small keeper largemouth.


Then a rod snaps up in McMillan's boat as his co-angler sets the hook and boats his first keeper of the day. Given McMillan's nearly 7-pound lead, he shouldn't need to sack another huge limit to win this event. Five solid keepers may be enough for him to clinch victory.

Obvious skill

9:54 am EDT, Oct 24, 2015

The skill that Brandon McMillan has with a flipping rod is undeniable. He is pitching a soft plastic creature bait into thick grass beds with 1 1/4- and 1 1/2-ounce bullet sinkers. His lure gently kisses the water without a ripple.